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Cracking the Multi-Generational Family Holidays Code

By July 8, 2019January 24th, 2023FinGlobal

Cracking the Multi-Generational Family Holidays Code

July 8, 2019


In the past, families used to go on holiday with just mum and dad and the kids. But recent reports, including one from industry-leader Travel Pulse show that multi-generational holidays are becoming more common. In fact over the last few years, it has doubled from one out of six trips to one out of three, becoming one of the fastest growing travel categories. In this article we explore family holiday destinations where everyone from toddler to grandparent can have a great time together.


The reasons for multi-generational holidays:

One of the reasons for Grandparents coming on holidays is that these days, with a better diet and plenty of exercise, even grandparents over the age of 65 feel young and adventurous enough to keep pace with their children and grandchildren. Families today are also scattered across the world and holidays are often the only time grandparents can get together with their children and grandchildren in order to enjoy family time together.



Grandparents are a holiday asset:

For parents, having their own parents coming along with them on holiday means they have an extra set of hands, allowing them some ‘couple’ time when they can relax, knowing their children are being looked after safely by their own parents. But what kind of holidays appeal to a group with a large age difference?


Best family holiday destinations



Gourmet family holiday destinations

Holidays to a destination with great food always appeal to the young and old alike. Sampling local goodies and treats has no age limit. Children are particularly fond of pasta – which makes Italy a great holiday destination. Italians are also very family orientated and welcome children, making it a pleasant holiday even for parents with stressed-out toddlers.


Another gourmet destination that appeals to the young and old, is France. Everyone loves bread, cheese, fresh fruit and cured meats and France is home to all of these delicious basics and more! Visiting a French food market is an extravaganza of taste temptations that will keep both young and old busy for hours.


Adventurous family holiday destinations

Other holidays that appeal to all age groups are those with a range of activities. South Africa is a great destination for adventurous holidays with areas like the Orange River and the Fish River Canyon offering families everything from hiking to a range of water sports including white water rafting.


Road trip family holiday destinations

Road trips are an easy way for families to travel together and enjoy plenty of stops along the way. South Africa has many magnificent road trips including the Garden Route, the West Coast and Mpumalanga’s Panorama Route. Further afield Portugal is another very family-friendly destination that has many wonderful road trips the entire family will enjoy.


Beach family holiday destinations

The classic beach holiday is a favourite when it comes to multi-generational getaways. In South Africa, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches – from the white sands of the Western Cape to the golden sands of Natal, there are plenty of beach holiday destinations that will cater to the needs of the entire family. If you want to head further afield, countries like Thailand, Bali, Seychelles, Mauritius and Fiji also offer wonderful destinations where the whole family can enjoy endless beach activities from snorkelling to sailing to scuba diving.


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