Our partners

FinGlobal has created strategic partnerships, enabling value-adding products and services that will benefit you, our valued client.

Our partners

FinGlobal has created strategic partnerships, enabling value-adding products and services that will benefit you, our valued client.

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Click on your country of interest to find out more about our partner’s different service offerings, which include immigration, wealth management, financial planning and tax advice.


Life Insurance & Wealth Management

Roy Agranat
roy.agranat@fairbridge.com.au  | +61 2 8066 1000 / +61 4 1446 1959

Hitchcock & Associates

Cecil Bass
cbass@hitchcock.com.au  | +61 2 8440 8330


Kotze Law

Jannie Kotze
janniek@kotzelaw.com.au | +61 8 9314 5000 / +61 4 5008 032

Allan Gray Australia
Wealth Management

Werner du Preez

South Africa


Sovereign Trust
Offshore structuring, immigration

Dani van Vuuren
dvanvuuren@sovereigngroup.com | +27 82 890 8460

United Kingdom

Gerald Edelman
Tax Advice

Sonal Shah
scshah@geraldedelman.com | +44 020 7299 1409

Tax Compliance & Advice

Peet Pieterse
info@ppchglobal.com  | +44 020 3034 0693


JMW Solicitors LLP

Sam Verner
Sam.Verner@jmw.co.uk  | +44 7469 155037

United States of America


Versfeld & Hugo
Immigration Law Firm

Leon Versfeld
lv@versfeldlaw.com | +1 816 891 8600



Global expansion,capital raising, M&A Advisory

AJ Coetzee
aj@riseothers.com | +31 316 1058 2175



Afrasia Bank
Offshore bank accounts

Bernice Swanepoel
Bernice.Swanepoel@afrasiabank.com | +27 76 523 8197

Isle of Man


Standard Bank Isle of Man
Offshore bank accounts

Lynette Marais
lynette.marais@standardbank.com | +27 347 9621

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