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My Kitchen Rules South Africa

By October 22, 2021September 4th, 2023Newsletter

My Kitchen Rules South Africa

October 22, 2021


If you’re a couch cook, like many South Africans are, you’re probably already well engrossed in the excitement of My Kitchen Rules South Africa! My Kitchen Rules or MKR is an exhilarating culinary show where contestants compete against each other for the much-coveted prize or being the best cook! Best of all, the meals are presented to celebrity judges in their very own homes. Of course, all the contestants are amateur cooks, making the show somewhat authentic and the draw of so many South Africans to their screens? Undoubtedly the celebrity judges who put the cooks under pressure in their own homes!


My Kitchen Rules South Africa

My Kitchen Rules South Africa seasons gone by

When My Kitchen Rules South Africa Season 1 came out in 2017, no one could possibly have been prepared for what a big hit it would be. The season’s grand finale was tense, with the two top teams involved in a give-course cook-off. Charnell and Kerry (besties from Johannesburg) and Jamandi and Machiel were hard at work, trying to impress the judges with their cooking skills and creative flair. 

In that season, the #LekkerBekkers won the show! Who are the Lekker Bekkers? Jamandi and Machiel Bekker reside in their hometown in Bloemfontein and own a four-star guest house. After the first season, South Africans were hooked. After all, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing local South Africans hit the screens!

In My Kitchen Rules South Africa Season 1, we saw the following contestants cooking up a storm:

  • Bruce and Claudia – Husband and wife from Midrand
  • Kelly and Claire – Book club besties from Kyalami
  • Lani and Louzel – Mother and daughter from Cradock
  • Rein and Rowan – Waterpolo buddies from Krugersdorp
  • Liz and Leanne – Besties from Bloemfontein
  • Andrew and Brent – Engaged couple
  • Nicole and Zamatonga – Friends from Durban
  • G and OG – Brother in-laws from Cape Town
  • Jamandi and Machiel – Married couple from Bloemfontein
  • Charnell and Kerry – Besties from East London and Cape Town

When My Kitchen Rules South Africa Season 2 rolled around in 2018, South Africans were gripped to their seats, already addicted to the cooking show that took the nation by storm the previous year. Another tense grand finale was in full swing when sisters Rox and Spoen from Winterton were up against Kim and Pashi, a newly engaged couple from Durban. The five-course meals were presented to the judges with breaths held and hearts undoubtedly pounding. However, when the results were in, it was Rox and Spoen who took home the glory.

The participants creating sumptuous delights in My Kitchen Rules South Africa Season 2 were:

  • Rox and Spoen – Farm girls from Winterton
  • Tarryn and Diego – Married couple from Johannesburg
  • Minnie and Tee – BFFs from KZN
  • Jalal and Adrie – Doting mom and dad from Pretoria
  • Kim and Pashi – Soon-to-be-engaged couple from Kloof
  • Ash and Chris – Manneberg cousins
  • Dirk and Bahia – Engaged couple from Stellenbosch
  • Donald and Luyanda – Food buddies from Johannesburg
  • Maj and Joleen – Parkview mums
  • Maritsa and Maradine – Married couple from Bloemfontein

And then, there was nothing. The country waited with bated breath, and a third season didn’t make it to our screens in 2020. Of course, there was much talk between fans of the reasons why and much disappointment too. And just when everyone thought it wouldn’t happen again, the show was back in 2021 for a third season and a million rand up for grabs for the winning team!

Each team was vibrant and outspoken in season three, with episodes airing on Dstv on M-Net channel 1010 from Sunday 19 September at 6 pm. The first five teams of season 3 currently gracing our screens are:

  • Palesa M and Palesa N – Besties from Johannesburg
  • Brett and Aiden – Father and son from Fourways
  • Karen and Tenille – Moms from Alberton
  • Retha and Tshepi – Globetrotters from Johannesburg
  • Craig and Nevi – Husband and wife from Bedfordview

Who is will be in the second group of contestants, and who will take home the prize? We will just have to wait and see.


My Kitchen Rules South Africa judges

You might be wondering who are the famous people deciding which meals are the best! In My Kitchen Rules South Africa Season 1, we saw celebrity chef and musician J’Something in one of the judge’s hot seats and restauranteur David Higgs. The very same judges returned for My Kitchen Rules South African Season 2, and My Kitchen Rules South African Season 3.


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