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The South African store in Canada: A Taste of Home

By February 26, 2020June 27th, 2023FinGlobal

The South African store in Canada: A Taste of Home

February 26, 2020


There’s so much for South Africans to love about Canada. It’s a beautiful, welcoming country with friendly people, beautiful landscapes, clean air and safe city spaces. One thing that South Africans living in Canada do miss about home is the grocery and cleaning product staples that form part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s Mr Min or Handy Andy, Sunlight, Oros, Ouma Rusks or Provitas, there are just some things from home that can’t be replicated or replaced. That’s why the South African Store was established in central Toronto in January 2007 to meet the increase in demand for South African food and grocery products in the Greater Toronto Area.


The South African Store in Canada

With almost 50,000 South Africans living in Canada, there’s definitely a market for South African goods. Thanks to the support of the expat community, this store grew quickly and became well known. Today, the South African Store meets the grocery needs of South Africans not only in the Toronto area, but all across Canada as well.


What can you expect to buy at the South African Store in Canada?

  • The meat staples: biltong and boerewors.
  • Beverages: South African drinks, like Five Roses, Oros, Frisco and Appletiser will definitely quench any homesick thirst.
  • Grocery staples: from canned goods to cereals, chutneys, jams, rusks, soups and spreads. Here you’ll find beloved things like Bovril, ProNutro, UltraMel custard, Mrs Balls, Ouma and Koo.
  • Health and beauty: including favourite toiletries like Lux soap, Ingram’s Camphor cream and more.
  • Snacks: all your favourite biscuits, crackers, chips and dried fruit from back home. Think Tennis biscuits, NikNaks, Flings, Zoo Biscuits and more!
  • Sauces and spices: from curry powder to Aromat, Robertsons spices, All Gold tomato sauce – you’ll find all the seasonings you need, here.
  • Sweets and chocolates: If your sweet tooth misses home as much as you do, you’ll love the selection of Beacon and Cadbury’s chocolates, as well as all the best treats, like wine gums, Astros and Fizzers.


What you need to know about The South African Store in Canada:

Shop online:

Shop in real life: 3889 Bathurst Street | Toronto | ON – M3H 3N4 | Canada

Call them: +416 223 7011

Find them on: Facebook

Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 09:30 – 20:00


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