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Expat destinations that guarantee an exceptional education

By June 7, 2017October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

Expat destinations that guarantee an exceptional education

June 7, 2017


People move abroad for many reasons – health, work and desire to give their children the best education. This is especially relevant in countries where the school system is failing, standards are dropping and tertiary institutions are unstable. So where do these expats head to? In this guide, we will touch on the countries where you are assured an exceptional education for your children.

Countries with the best education systems


Switzerland is not all about skiing and great chocolate. Its educational standards are highly rated and both the public and private schools ensure children receive a sound education. If you are a resident in the country, your children will be able to attend public schools for free. The only thing you’ll need to ensure if your children speak English is that they attend a bilingual school.


Finland always features in articles about high standards of education.  It is renowned for being unconventional, with children encouraged to read at their own pace and very little testing done in the lower grades. Individual attention between teacher and child is a priority and teachers are well paid for their efforts. If your family is legally resident in Finland, your children will be able to attend public schools for free – however, your children will need to speak Finnish or Swedish or be happy to learn it. If you are in Finland for a long assignment, this is often a great way to get your children quickly assimilated into the local language and culture.


Australia is renowned across the world for offering its students high levels of education in both the public and the private system. Fees at private and international schools can be high, so many expats choose to place their children at either a public school, which is free or a faith-based school where the fees are considerably lower.


Singapore has high standards of education – but the costs can be equally high. A great bonus for English-speaking expats is that the language spoken in both public and private schools is English. Expect high levels of competition amongst local students at the public schools where they are strongly encouraged to maintain high academic standards. If you feel your children might be intimidated by this completion, there are a plethora of international schools available which have been established to cater for Singapore’s large expat population.


Belgium is renowned for offering a great quality of education – in three different languages – French, Flemish and German. As Belgian residents, your children will be able to attend the state schools for free. If you would prefer your children to attend to be taught in their own language, you can place them at one of the international schools.


The Netherlands recently featured in the top 10 countries when it comes to education in the InterNations’ survey. State schools are free to students between the ages of four and twelve, where children are taught in a relaxed fashion with plenty of free time to explore their individuality.

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