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Shaka Zulu Restaurant – London’s largest South African restaurant

By October 28, 2022January 2nd, 2024Newsletter

Shaka Zulu Restaurant – London’s largest South African restaurant

October 28, 2022


Nestled in the heart of Camden lies London’s best-kept secret: Shaka Zulu Restaurant! This is the largest and best South African restaurant London has to offer. Shaka Zulu London spans a whopping 27,000 square feet in Camden’s The Stables Market. To say that this South African restaurant in London has soul is an understatement. Here you can explore two expansive restaurant floors boasting a restaurant, bar, and club. There’s food, there’s drink; there’s music and dancing! Best of all, there’s family entertainment for those looking for some time out of the confines of home.

Who’s to thank for the creation of the Shaka Zulu Restaurant?

Shaka Zulu London was inspired by Roger Payne, who is a reputable businessman in the UK. It’s said that Payne visited South Africa on multiple occasions and was thoroughly impressed with the culture and cuisine of the locals. One of his trips to the country was to hunt down Queen Mantfombi’s secret chicken recipe! Roger Payne currently owns eight very successful venues across the UK. It seems that Roger Payne’s appreciation of the authenticity of South Africa shines through in the creation of Shaka Zulu.

What’s special about Shaka Zulu Restaurant London?

There’s no doubt that the Shaka Zulu Restaurant is extra special, but what makes it that way? One particular thing that makes the Shaka Zulu Restaurant stand out is that it received a royal blessing from the Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini, when it opened. The king also inspired a large portion of the design, which makes the incredible décor covering all the walls somewhat special.

The Shaka Zulu restaurant opened its doors for business in 2010 and easily attracted thousands of people from the UK and London.

From the moment you arrive at the venue, there’s an element of excitement created. The restaurant is underground, so you’ll arrive and head down via an escalator or lift. If you’re planning a visit, prepare to be mind-blown by the size and layout of the venue.

Towering warrior statues take over the lower floor décor. On the lower level, called the “mezzanine,” you will find the cocktail lounge and champagne bar overlooking an awe-inspiring braai restaurant area. The main restaurant features highly carved murals that cover both walls and ceilings. There’s also a gorgeous water feature perfectly accented by the delicately gold-painted tiles and a center piece of a leopard made from Swarovski crystals. Entertainment comes in the form of traditional music, drummers, and dancers.

For something a little more exclusive and intimate, there’s the King’s Club, a private member’s area on the lower floor. Here, guests will enjoy a full view of the venue and the perfect place to entertain high-profile guests or loved ones.

The Shaka Zulu London menu is well-suited for families in the daytime and those looking for a more vibey scene at night. The Shaka Zulu drink menu is worth exploring, with tasty treats to sip on while you experience the venue.

When you notice the intricacy of the hand-carved wood within the restaurant and note that each section has deep-rooted symbolism shining through, you’ll understand why the venue cost a mammoth R5.5 million to create. To see some local celebs and the rich and famous entering and exiting the Shaka Zulu restaurant isn’t surprising. Rumour has it that Jo Wood, the Rolling Stones’ ex-wife had a preview of the venue along with Kate Moss, both of whom loved the venue!

The uniqueness of the dining experience cannot be matched anywhere across the country, and for the average South African, it’s a taste of home that offers both the meals they’re used to with not just a touch but a double-helping of extravagance. A day or evening out at Kind Shaka is a treat!

As a trending restaurant that’s earned its proverbial stripes in the community and among foodies, Shaka Zulu Restaurants demands class from its patrons. This is seen in their dress code. Men are expected to wear a dress shirt and smart shoes, and women should wear high heels or smart shoes. No sportswear, hats, trainers, or fancy dress outfits are permitted.

World-class chefs, authentically South African food at Shaka Zulu Restaurant

Unlike any other South African restaurant in London, Shaka Zulu is genuinely authentic. The chefs are nothing short of world-class, and the meals are truly traditional South African cuisine. However, the dishes can also get a little creative with game meat dishes, including ostrich, zebra, and springbok, to make a few.

The Shaka Zulu drink menu is absolutely impressive, only featuring South African wines.

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