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South Africans living abroad can vote in the 2019 elections

By January 25, 2019October 3rd, 2023Newsletter

South Africans living abroad can vote in the 2019 elections

January 25, 2019


Good news! If you are living abroad, you won’t be left out in the cold when it comes to the South African elections this year. The International Electoral Commission (IEC) has confirmed that there is a special ‘overseas registration weekend 2019’ that is set for the weekend of the 1st to the 4th of February. So, register now and have your say in the future of South Africa.

Your right to vote in the upcoming South African elections

The Electoral Amendment Act 2013 gives all South Africans the right to register and vote in the national elections if they are living or travelling abroad on election day in South Africa.


Ensuring the future of South Africa

Many people believe that this year’s elections will be the most important elections since 1994 in defining the future of South Africa. To ensure your voice is head, check that you are registered and ensure that you lodge your intention to vote and then vote on the specified day.

Are you eligible to vote from abroad?

To be eligible to vote you must be a registered voter and residing abroad or travelling abroad on Election Day in South Africa. You will need a valid South African ID as well as a valid South African passport – temporary passports are also accepted.

How to vote from abroad

If you are living abroad, the first step is to confirm your registration at If you are currently living abroad but registered to vote while you were living in South Africa, you will still be registered. When you check your details, a message might pop up notifying you to re-register due to changes in your voting district boundaries. Just ignore this as it only applies to voters living in South Africa. As a voter abroad, you are not required to re-register.

Voter registration weekend 1-4 February 2019

If you are not already registered and need to register, then you must take note that the IEC has confirmed that voter registration for South Africans abroad will take place at all South African missions from 1-4 February 2019. All South Africans living abroad over the age of 16 and in possession of a South African ID are eligible to register as voters.

Notify your intention to vote

In order to vote from abroad, you need to submit a VEC10 notifying the IEC of your intention to vote abroad. This must be done during the period specified in the election timetable (15 days from the date on which the election is proclaimed). If you don’t submit your VEC10 before the deadline outlined in the election timetable you won’t be able to vote. The VEC10 will be available at from the date the 2019 national election is proclaimed for a 15-day period – so make sure you don’t miss this window!

How to vote

If your VEC10 is approved, you will be able to vote at the foreign mission that you specified. Remember to take both your South Africa ID and your South Africa passport with you. Your vote has to be cast on the vote specified on the election timetable.

For more information on how to vote from abroad, please visit

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