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Hot cross bun anyone? 7 succulent recipes to tease your taste buds

By March 20, 2018October 3rd, 2023Newsletter

Hot cross bun anyone? 7 succulent recipes to tease your taste buds

March 20, 2018


From a bunny visit to exciting egg hunts, Easter holidays are celebrated in various ways around the world.  One of the firm favourites for South Africans across the world are enjoying freshly baked hot cross buns.

There is lots of historical myths and traditions about these sweet dough balls – from a 12th century old monk who first marked the bun with a cross to solidifying friendships to the belief that hot cross buns stay fresh all year!

If you’re not a fan of the traditional doughy, raisin-studded recipe here is a few very tasty alternatives.

7 Hot Cross Bun recipes to try

  1. Choc-chip hot cross bun loaves– with tasty choc chips
  1. Mini hot cross bun doughnuts– deliciously sugary mini bun doughnuts
  1. Apple and cinnamon buns – always a great combination
  1. Chocolate orange hot cross buns – a tasty variation with a dash of honey
  1. Pear and chocolate hot cross buns – perfectly paired with a cup of tea
  1. Spicy milk stout fruit buns– delicious and spicy fruit buns made with milk stout beer
  1. Gluten-free hot cross buns– because everyone should be able to enjoy these treats during the holidays!


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