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Top expat careers in 2018 and beyond

By January 29, 2018October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

Top expat careers in 2018 and beyond

January 29, 2018


The labour market is rapidly changing and for global travellers and expats, it’s becoming increasingly necessary that they stay at the forefront of career trends in order to ensure their positions evolve as the labour market does. According to the World Economic Forum, technological advancements are going to lead to a loss of 5 million jobs by 2020 – and the majority of these will be white-collar office and administrative jobs.

There will also be a total gain of 2 million jobs in computer, mathematical, architecture and engineering related fields. Manufacturing and production roles are expected to bottom out but show good potential for up-skilling and redeployment.

This data was based on a report called The Future of Jobs, which surveyed management across nine industries in 15 of the world’s largest economies. The results of the report show that going forward, certain occupations will be more in demand globally than others. So if you plan on moving abroad, it would be wise to consider advancing your skills in these job categories:

Occupations in global demand

1. Data analysts

Data analysts will be in demand across all industries by 2020. The survey showed data analysts are needed to make sense of all the data generated by technological disruptions, and these analytical skills cannot be automated.

2. Specialised sales representatives

Almost every industry will need to become skilled in commercialising and explaining their offerings to their consumer base. The need for greater explanation will be as a result of the innovative technical nature of the products or due to new client target markets as businesses diversify their offerings.

3. Architects and engineers

During the next four years the skills for architects and engineers will remain in high demand specifically in the engineering fields of biochemical, nanotechnology, robotics and materials.

4. Product designers

The creative skills in high demand by 2020 will be in the region of design – specifically commercial and industrial designers who will assist in the development of smart systems across homes, factories, farms and entire cities in order to tackle problems ranging from supply chain management to climate change.

5. Human resources and organisational development specialists

Automation and technological advances will cause some jobs to disappear completely but in doing so, will create new roles and opportunities for people. Competition for talent in high-demand jobs like computers, mathematics, architecture and engineering and other strategic and specialist roles will be fierce. As a result, companies will need talented specialists to ensure they have a solid talent pipeline to the top talent available – and once they have acquired the skilled talent, they are in the position to nurture and develop their key people.


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