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Investing in property in the EU? Here’s where your money will go furthest

By March 27, 2017October 6th, 2023Own property abroad

Investing in property in the EU? Here’s where your money will go furthest

March 27, 2017

Many UK nationals and foreign expats are turning to the European Union when it comes to investing in property. Not only is the EU a popular destination for global expats to explore exciting career opportunities, it’s also an attractive destination for expats looking to purchase holiday or retirement homes. So if you have your eye on a place abroad, what countries give you the most in terms of value?

European countries to consider when investing in property

Inspiring Italy

Not only is Italy home to wonderful food, a rich culture and amazing historic landmarks, for the property buyer it has the added attraction that its house prices have fallen for the past eight years. Popular cities like Rome, Florence and Venice still command high prices but as you move further afield, you’ll find all types of properties to suit your budget – whether you prefer a villa in the country or an apartment in town.

Perfect Portugal

Portugal is a popular holiday destination featuring warm weather, white beaches and wonderful food. It’s a country where house and property prices are still relatively affordable – however they have been on the rise since 2014 when the economy started to strengthen again. Even so, if you are looking for a Portuguese Quinta (vineyard or farm) or a lovely villa, you might be surprised at how reasonable they are.

Sumptuous Spain

Spain has plenty to offer when it comes to property – from hillside villas to island homes in Tenerife and Lanzarote, Spain often both diversity and great value. This is due to a large oversupply in property, which has resulted in Spanish property remaining undervalued by around 25%. So if you’re dreaming of tapas, a spacious villa and loungers by a sparkling pool – put Spain at the top of your list!

Fabulous France

France has always had great appeal for foreigners. Home to fabulous cuisine and ready romance, it’s easily accessible from the UK and the rest of the EU. When it comes to property however, UK expats might find prices to be more reasonable than back home, but their pounds won’t go as far as they will in Spain or Portugal. If you are looking for property on the cheaper side, avoid Paris, Bordeaux, Nice and Lyon and look further afield.

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