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Your financial migration plan

By June 8, 2016October 10th, 2023Financial planning

Your financial migration plan

June 8, 2016

You’ve made it! Visas are approved, you’ve picked the house with the perfect white picket fence, you’ve chosen your kids’ school uniforms, you’ve landed that dream job and your immigration dreams have come true. Everything’s just peachy.


Come to think about it, there’s still that little issue of money. You have policies left back home, you still don’t quite grasp the rules and regulations of your new country, and you’ve no idea what your obligations are towards SARS, your creditors and insurers. Truth be told, you may just need a bit of help with your financial migration.

What is financial migration?

Financial migration is the process of moving money offshore between two countries. Whether you are a South African living abroad or still on home soil with international investments, you will have to comply with regional and international regulations and protocols for any and all transactions between the respective countries.

What is required for financial migration?

Your financial migration needs will be determined by your individual needs, financial portfolio and the financial regulations of your new country of residence. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for cross-border finance.

You may simply be looking for the best exchange rate for international transfers or perhaps you are considering financial (formal) emigration. But whatever your needs, FinGlobal can offer you a comprehensive and practical solution for your cross-border financial needs.

Your Financial Migration Plan™

The FinGlobal team is comprised of specialists which includes certified financial planners, lawyers, chartered accountants and bankers offering comprehensive financial solutions for cross-border financial migration.

Our services include foreign exchange, retirement annuity surrender, inheritance transfers, opening of bank accounts and formal emigration. We’ll also take care of all your tax requirements.

Your personal Financial Migration Plan™ will be determined after you’ve completed a cost- and obligation-free consultation.

How it works

your-profileYOU complete a short registration form

your-profileWE assess your requirements and objectives

your-profileWe generate your financial migration plan

your-profileWE provide a free personal consultation. To answer all your questions and tick all the boxes for your free Financial Migration Plan™

Go the FinGlobal route today!

If you’re eager to kick off your financial migration journey and move your wealth offshore, simply leave your details and we’ll call you!

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