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In the spirit of Sevens: a win for South Africa

By December 14, 2015July 25th, 2020Newsletter

In the spirit of Sevens: a win for South Africa

December 14, 2015

Our president’s latest antics have left most South Africans rather apprehensive – with changes which saw the rand on an unprecedented seesaw. But amid the doom and gloom, there were still some things to be celebrated.

The Blitzbokke, South Africa’s pride and joy, clinched the Cape Town Sevens tournament with a stellar performance, beating Argentina with a 29-11 score in the final. A feat which dubs them ‘hat trick winner’ of the World Sevens Series tournament after their 2013 and 2014 title claims.

A spirit of hope and confidence

If there’s one thing that makes the Sevens different from all other sporting events and tournaments throughout the world, it’s the spectator spirit. The Sevens may be a fast-tracked version of South Africa’s most favourite sport, rugby, but the crowds flocking to these events seem to view the sport in a lighter light. Although it still attracts hard-core rugby enthusiasts, the event seems a bit more like the Rio carnival than a rugby world cup. In fact, the cup rather resembles a festival.

People from all walks of life assemble around a field to celebrate a mutual love rather than fending off their opposition. And it seems there is a great deal we could learn from the spirit of hope and confidence which reigns at the Sevens.

This attitude prescribes that despite the gravity of the situation – despite a very serious contest and grave odds – that the overwhelming group temperament should be one of camaraderie and positivity. It presumes that although fans are there to see their team win, they are mostly preoccupied with honouring their mutual purpose and shared values – supporting the sport of Sevens.

Where most sporting events divide the crowd and stirs the pot with dissonance, Sevens unites one and all behind a common goal.

A much-needed win for South Africa

Although the Blitzbokke had a bit of a slow start at the inaugural tournament, they were fuelled on in the final by Stormers centre, Juan de Jongh, who provided the force and pace to push fellow teammates like Justin Geduld, Seabelo Senatla and Rosko Specman to fire through Argentinian lines.

In the end, South Africa took a much-needed victory and gave all safas a positive injection to start off the festive season.