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The empty chair syndrome

By May 14, 2015October 9th, 2023Career opportunities

The empty chair syndrome

May 14, 2015

Employers the world over are familiar with the expression ‘good people are hard to find’ and is doing as much as is humanly possible to ‘hold on to what you’ve got’ …

Filling empty chairs could be a daunting business challenge unless, of course, the company’s services continue to be in demand and the enterprise presenting new career opportunities.

When we started in Hermanus in the Western Cape, early 2010, we didn’t think it would develop into the world’s leading South African financial emigration brand!

Our dream, at the time, was to help an unaware population of South Africans living abroad to transfer their retirement annuities and other pension monies offshore. We proved what, amongst expat communities, was considered impossible to be otherwise.

A headcount from 4 people to 70+ in 5 years says a lot and were it not for talent, quality and a can-do culture our dream – and that of our clients – would never have realized.

From day one, we’ve managed to hold on to what we’ve got and still are experiencing a growing demand for our services, which in turn translates into empty chairs.

Staff turnover (not counting new Moms!) that probably adds up to a baker’s dozen in 5 years is a blessing and reflects in our customer satisfaction record.

While being grateful for the faith our international client base has developed in our company, it is our people we have to thank for growing our brand’s reputation, sporting empty chairs and new opportunities.

Why have people from all corners of South Africa relocated to join in Hermanus? Outsiders may well say to live by the sea; the real answer however lies in affording South Africans’ financial freedom, their freedom to be and playing a role in their becoming global citizens of the world.

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