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March 2013: Howzit Superbru? Let’s talk rugga!

By April 18, 2015October 6th, 2023Newsletter

March 2013: Howzit Superbru? Let’s talk rugga!

April 18, 2015

Two words that all South Africans love and know are howzit andrugga! The Superbru megapool is standing on 1,842 players with lots of room left for a good view of the game. Can you remember as students how we used to stand at Newlands, Loftus and Ellis Park, through a swaying afternoon, watching rugby?

It’s another 11 odd weeks before the Superbru fat lady sings, which means there are still lots of opportunity to play and win. We know winning isn’t the only thing but the idea of winning R1000 a week is nothing to sneeze at. To the contrary, the weekly winners enjoy a double whammy because their team’s on a winning streak. Speaking of winning streak…

So far we’ve had three young men and a lady winner – all living in South Africa – walk away with the weekly prize. For the sake of their privacy we’re not revealing their identities. Why? Friends could be friends for more than friendship – beer money comes to mind?

So, readers of fresh milk here’s the challenge. There’s got to be at least 11 South African expats in Sydney, Toronto, London, Wellington, Perth, Prague and Timbuktu to rival the local boykies and girlkies from Krugersdorp, Brakpan, Pretoria, Bellville and Putsonderwater.

Remember it’s only a game, anyone can win, and it’s not a matter of skill and insight as much as it is the luck of the draw. Guessing is rife! So Superbru’s of the world unite…Game on!