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March 2013: Find all the information you need on Linkedin

By April 18, 2015October 6th, 2023Newsletter

March 2013: Find all the information you need on Linkedin

April 18, 2015

One of our key business principles is to respect customers and subscribers’ privacy and adhering to The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act. Having said that, we’d like to communicate relevant information more regularly and “freely” with the view to keeping Saffers updated on events, developments, products and service that may affect their retirement investments – for better or worse!

To this end we’ll be using LinkedIn as our preferred content and information platform where South Africans can access news published hot off the press, in real time or their own time. This way we’re confident not to be labeled as spammers.

Readers of fresh milk with LinkedIn profiles, who subscribe to specific interest groups or follow thought leaders’ articles, please feel free to follow our company or find out more about ourservices.

Should you pick up on information that may benefit South Africans or friends in your network, please distribute this via LinkedIn; likewise for questions or developments you believe of interest to us, feel free to do the same.

LinkedIn Groups have made it easy for people in closed user interest roles to share and spread tips, insights and updates with each other. The one thing you can be sure of? We’ll only ever publish professionally relevant content with the view to add value to the lives of South Africans of the world.