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June 2014: South African Mobile Bank Account – less than $10 a month

By April 18, 2015October 6th, 2023Newsletter

June 2014: South African Mobile Bank Account – less than $10 a month

April 18, 2015

If you’re one the lucky fishes living and working abroad who have still to decide exactly where in the world you want to settle – New York, London, Sydney, Munich, Ottawa or Edinburgh – it means you’ve still not committed to emigrating from South Africa just yet. In reality you’re deemed a “South African resident temporarily abroad” and keeping your options open…nothing wrong with that!

Meantime you maintain a nest egg back in South Africa. Like the home or apartment you’re renting out, your time-share, the PPS premiums, annuities and levies you’re servicing with income from offshore. You may be thinking about investing in a retirement village to provide comfortable accommodation for your aging parents. All good.

To make life easier for expats still holding assets back home, we propose operating one secure and convenient, interest bearing, resident bank account with local transacting capabilities in South Africa. Convenient and in the moment – a mobile bank account – easy does it!

This is the one bank account you need to open only once to keep in the family forever, no matter where you decide to live. To make, and keep record of all your foreign exchange transactions, transfers and payments – in one place, at your fingertips, irrespective what your choice of device or time zone.

For a safe, secure and warm feeling tuck your mobile bank account in your pocket because as a Global Citizen of the World no South African should leave home without it!

You probably left the country before you could set up your mobile bank account – no worries. Doing the right thing is never too late. Let one of our financial consultants call you today – they’ll take care of everything – Safe. Secure. Simple. At what cost? If you can sacrifice two cappuccino a month we’ll help keep your South African finances on the go!