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June 2014: The red kow says…”Nòù gaan ons braai!”

By April 18, 2015October 23rd, 2023Newsletter

June 2014: The red kow says…”Nòù gaan ons braai!”

April 18, 2015

There’s only one nation on the planet that speaks “braai”…It’s theone passion South Africans share – irrespective of where they live or what language they speak – Afrikaans, English, Zulu, French, Italian or Dutch you name it…

The punch line to international celebrity comedian Barry Hilton’s joke “nòù gaan ons braai!” has not only become part of South Africans’ vocabulary it also echoes’s promise and professional service delivery.

When asking’s CEO, Ryno Viljoen, what it is that drives his team, he says: “We simply want to make life easier for South Africans living in other parts of the world, and to add value to their lives.”

You have no idea how thrilled we were to discover that Barry Hilton, cousin to millions of South Africans, is now living on our doorstep and it didn’t take long to agree we share the same opinion” South Africans are a lekker bunch of people!

Ryno and Barry concurred “nòù gaan ons braai!” is a South African war cry that extends way beyond the food fires. More than a light-hearted expression it’s a charge that only a South African expat can lead – to stake their claim, take control of their destiny to enjoy for financial freedom and a successful future!

And Barry Hilton’s view? “Now my cousins can be close to their bokke no matter where they decide to braai – Boksburg, Brisbane, Brussels or Brighton. And if you need a helping hand let one of the friendly red kow team call you…