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February 2014: Too good to be true

By April 18, 2015October 23rd, 2023Newsletter

February 2014: Too good to be true

April 18, 2015

And inevitably too little too late because the money boomerangs inevitably break down just before investors expect a great return!

Even though these flawed get rich quick schemes create public outcry and uproar people still continue to take their chances.

If it sounds too good to be true it inevitably is. There’s no short cut to wealth. Make sure to connect all the dots:

  • Confirm that the financial advisor you’re dealing with is registered with the Financial Services Board here
  • Make sure the proposed investment product is FSB approved by using the same link as above
  • Never pay funds to a financial advisor’s bank account. All payments must go to the investment or insurance company’s bank account.

Whoever claims to predict the future can’t be taken seriously. Future financial results are based on considered projections and sound principles.

When in doubt, feel free to call on one of our Certified Financial Planners® for a second opinion. is a registered Financial Services Provider. We only invest in Regulated Unit Trust Funds and the largest, most respected investment and insurance companies in South Africa and abroad.