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February 2014: Make Tax Treaties work for you

By April 18, 2015October 23rd, 2023Newsletter

February 2014: Make Tax Treaties work for you

April 18, 2015

Also known as double tax agreements, they’re designed to resolve issues involving double taxation of active and passive income.

Their purpose: to determine the amount in tax a country can apply to a taxpayer’s worldwide income and wealth.

So as to protect its citizens, South Africa has double tax treaty agreements with most world countries. To make tax treaties work for you is easy. How to qualify for a tax exemption in South Africa? Easy.

A. Make sure you declare your monthly or annual annuity and pension income as part of taxable income in your new home country.

B. To ‘neutralise’ this income in South Africa, simply submit your SARS tax return along with the required supporting documentation.

C. Once approved by SARS, we can assist in processing your double tax treaty credit for payment to your offshore account.

In a nutshell, we’ll take care of the process from A to C on your behalf.
To avoid paying tax twice on the same income let us call you.