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South African shops abroad

By March 2, 2022October 11th, 2023FinGlobal

South African shops abroad

March 2, 2022

Taking the plunge into the unknown and landing on foreign shores is sure to be an exciting time, but then reality strikes; how will you survive without your regular South African treats and comforts? How will you make it through a weekend of sport and good times with friends without braaing some wors and chops? And will movie night even be the same without a bag of crispy Nik Naks to snack on? What if you were told that you don’t have to live without these things? As it turns out, many South Africans simply couldn’t face living in a foreign country without getting their fix of South African goodies, and so the concept of South African shops abroad was born. You can get everything you need and more by visiting your local South African shop online in the country of your choice.

Believe it or not, other countries aren’t as attached to (or even aware of) our top treats such as biltong, peppermint crisp, Nik Naks, crème soda, and Ouma rusks. But just because you’re moving country, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on all the things that make SA home.

It is somewhat of a surprise (to many) to hear that there is a South African shop UK or South African shop Australia, but the truth is that SA shops are found in most countries, including New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and even Ireland. To ensure that you find a South African shop in the country you’re headed to, we’ve compiled a brief list of SA shops in each of the most popular countries that people head to. You’re welcome!

Best shops

Best South African shop UK

The United Kingdom has a variety of South African shops to choose from, with The South African Shop being one of the best. This store offers more than just regular groceries. They also offer butchery products, books, outdoor (braai) accessories, bottle store products, memorabilia, and clothing. You also stand to benefit from multi-purchase and buy-one-get-one-free deals.

Best South African shop Australia

Australia is a true home away from home for many South Africans, with a cold beer and a ‘barbie’ being just as essential to Aussie life as klippies ‘n cola and a braai are to the average Saffa. Our top SA shop pick for Australia is none other than the Newcastle Biltong Co. This particular South African shop Australia operates from Wednesday to Saturday, with deliveries offered to New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Australian Capital Territory. Here you will find a variety of groceries, butchery products, and hampers. There are regular sales and weekly specials to select from too.

Best South African shop New Zealand

South Africans love New Zealand’s big expansive outdoor spaces, the relaxed environment and the safety it offers families. Of course, the New Zealand lifestyle is quite different to back home, and it’s the little comforts and treats that make the country feel a bit more like home. One of the go-to’s for Saffas in the country when it comes to finding a South African shop online in NZ is The South African Shop in Auckland. This store stocks regular SA groceries, braai goodies, liquor and even gifts. Courier service is available to Auckland Metro, Auckland Rural, North Island Metro, North Island Rural, South Island Metro, and South Island Rural.

South African shop USA

The South African Food Shop is a great choice for Saffas heading to the United States. Coffee, biltong, biscuits, sweets, boerie, chocolates and more await you on the shelves of this particular SA shop. Deliveries are done via FEDEX with a minimum order of $20 and many sales from which to choose. The store is open from 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays but closed on Sundays.

Best South African shop Canada

For South Africans hunting for their favourite SA snacks, the Eat Sum More store has everything you need and more. This SA shop offers bits and bobs in every grocery category from frozen meats to baking, sweets, dried fruit, canned foods and more. The store ships all of their dry goods to anywhere in North America, and all meats are only shipped within Ontario – no frozen products are shipped.

Best South African shop Ireland

Ireland is in stark contrast to South Africa but offers security, friendly people, and a lifestyle that’s often described as second to none. If you’re looking for the best South African shop in Ireland, you’ll enjoy the likes of The SA Shop Ireland. A taste of home has never been easier to get your hands on! On the SA Shop Ireland shelves, you will find baby products, baking ingredients, curios, biltong-making goodies, braai products, and so much more.

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