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Christmas in July

By July 7, 2021October 11th, 2023FinGlobal

Christmas in July

July 7, 2021


Christmas came early this year – July 25th! While we usually wait expectantly for the year-end Christmas celebration, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t start the festive season right now. Appreciating the people you love and having a good party may be what you need while in the clutches of a pandemic. But first, with all this talk of Christmas coming early, you’re probably wondering why there’s such a thing as Christmas in July. You might even wonder who started it and how you can celebrate it with your family and friends.


Why Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is not a new concept. You’ll be surprised to know that back in 1935, a journal from the National Recreation Association records the mystery and wonder surrounding an annual event at a girls’ summer camp celebrating Christmas in July. But, it was the release of a 1940s Hollywood movie – Christmas in July, that got national attention. American advertisers soon created Christmas themes to discount old Christmas merchandise.

They made room for the new Christmas stock, knowing that people love any excuse for a party. But since we’re at a time where we’re looking for hope, we can treat ourselves and our loved ones to an early Christmas, making use of the discounts anyway. One of the main reasons this holiday is trending is because people want to experience a winter Christmas!

And if they’re in the northern hemisphere, people want to share what Christmas is like in the summer. This season is a great way to spend time with and appreciate the people we love most. Here’s how to make the most of Christmas in July 2021.


How should I celebrate?

Let’s face it, no one is a big fan of extra chores, so there’s no need to go all out for this one by getting your excessively decorated Christmas tree out, with all the lights going. Save the big celebration for year-end. If you’d like to get a miniature tree, that will be ideal, and simple wreaths around the home will give you the Christmas feel.

Using a red or green tablecloth or even a table runner is sure to make your house more Christmassy. Dressing up festively also shows signs of your celebration, and you can dress festively throughout July. Don’t forget to sing along to your favourite Christmas carols; turn up the Christmas music and have fun.


Fantastic Christmas movies

We know COVID has found a way to bust your ordinarily busy schedule, so why not take this time to relax at home and catch some great Christmas movies? The Hallmark Christmas in July schedule is bound to keep you entertained. With the Hallmark channel announcing their programs starting from July 9th, airing some fantastic Christmas entertainment, you can celebrate all July. “Crashing Through the Snow,” “Christmas Comes Twice,” “Christmas by Starlight,” “Love, Lights, Hannukah,” and “A Christmas tree grows in Colorado” will be aired at this time. During the peak of the mid-year Christmas celebration – the 24th and 25th of July – Hallmark offers the “Countdown To Some Of The Greatest Christmas Hits,” including all-time favourites: “Crown for Christmas,” “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” “Christmas Under Wraps,” and “The Nine Lives of Christmas,” so, don’t miss out, ok? Get your movie popcorn ready, along with all your delicious snacks.


Christmas in July food ideas

Not sure what eats to include? Let’s get you filled in. But, first up, do consider the weather. A hot chocolate station complete with tiny marshmallows sounds fantastic, especially when you’re freezing. However, if you happen to be celebrating at 30 degrees Celsius, you’ll prefer ice chocolate along with cooling treats instead of trying to cook that turkey!

Suppose you’re celebrating in a colder climate. In that case, your wintery Christmas table can include the stuffed turkey along with your mashed potatoes,  gravy, and roasted veggies, or perhaps roast beef and lasagne (winter squash one is good too). And when you’re heading for something sweet, cinnamon-dusted caramel popcorn is lovely if you’re not heading for the fruitcake.

Don’t forget your hot chocolate or even spiced tea if you prefer. And if you’re embracing a warmer Christmas, you may find seafood platters, pasta salad, or even roast chicken satisfying. Celebrate with ice cream, ice lollies, and trifles or Pavlova. Finally, you can enjoy Christmas nuts and gingerbread cookies regardless of the weather.


Christmas in July gift ideas

If you’re like most South African families, you splash out big time at the end of the year. But this mid-year Christmas is the perfect way to show the people around you that it’s the little things that count.  If you’re celebrating a winter Christmas, gloves and scarfs are timeless and will help your family keep warm this winter. Your loved ones will surely appreciate heat warmers, hot water bottles, fleeces, throw-overs blankets, plush teddies, fluffy slippers, personalized mugs, two-minute journals, or a box filled with tasty treats or home-baked goodness.

And let’s not forget, if you’re up in the Northern hemisphere, celebrating a summery Christmas, then pool floats, beach towels, and fancy water bottles never go out of fashion. Perhaps some nail polish, sunglasses, flip flops, or even a lovely potted plant would do the trick. As long as it’s thoughtful, your gifts will be well received. So, have fun and spread some love this July Christmas.


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