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South African Tax Refund: Claim tax back in South Africa

By July 24, 2020December 27th, 2023Newsletter, Tax services and consulting

South African Tax Refund: Claim tax back in South Africa

July 24, 2020

That is right, we said refund! It is not every day that you can access some extra cash, especially if you can claim it from the tax man. Assisting you with your journey towards your financial freedom, our passionate tax team can stand in the gap to represent you at the South African Revenue Service.


Do you qualify for a South African tax refund?

Want to know more? Here is how it works: If you were paid a lump sum from South Africa while living abroad and was taxed in South Africa, you could qualify for a tax refund. We are talking about a single payment received from a South African Retirement Annuity, Pension fund, Provident fund and/ or Preservation fund.

It does not matter if you withdrew or retired from the fund, as long as you received your lump sum whilst living in a foreign country and paid taxes to SARS, you could qualify for our unique South African tax refund service.


South African tax refund process

The factors considered and applied in determining if you are eligible for a tax refund are:

  • Step 1: You must be residing in a qualifying country** outside South Africa
  • Step 2: You must have received your lump sum whilst living abroad
  • Step 3: You must have received a lump sum from a qualifying fund
  • Step 4: You must have paid tax in excess of R40,000

**Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Russian Federation, Belarus, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Korea, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States of America

As each new case is evaluated on its own merits and outcomes determined on various factors, contingency fees are levied for this service, which means that if there is NO REFUND TO YOU, MEANS NO FEE TO US.


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As a free service, we would need to determine if you qualify for this service and thereafter provide you with a no-obligation quote. Interested? Take action! Complete our contact form below: