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Health food trends 2019

By March 29, 2019October 3rd, 2023Newsletter

Health food trends 2019

March 29, 2019

Healthy-food-trends-this -year
The search for optimum nutrition appears to be never-ending and every year brings its own health food trends and top health news with it. Foods that were in last year, are suddenly out of favour. Carbohydrates were once the flavour of the month and are now no longer. So to stay ahead of what you should be putting in your grocery basket, here are some of 2019’s top health food trends.

Healthy food trends

Oh so oat milk!

Move over almond milk, oat milk is the hot new trend that is taking the health world by storm. Oat milk’s popularity lies in the fact that it foams just like dairy milk – making it perfect for cappuccinos and lattes and is high in fibre! Oat milk is ideal for anyone who is allergic to dairy and/or nuts and has more protein than other plant-based milk like almond and rice milk.


Cauliflower everywhere

The rise of protein-based diets have revolutionised the humble cauliflower as everyone has discovered that this vegetable is the perfect alternative for everything from mash to pizza bases and even rice. Sales for cauliflower rocketed in 2018 and 2019 looks like it is going to be a good year for the vegetable that previously only starred in cauliflower cheese.


Celery juice

Celery juice is 2019’s magic elixir and is endorsed by celebrities like Miranda Kerr. Its popularity lies in its abilities to help stabilize blood pressure and remove toxins from the body. It is also rich in magnesium and helps your muscles to recover after exercise. The long-term health benefits of drinking celery juice are up for debate but it is still a juice endorsed by many fans who swear by its benefits.


The pegan diet

You have probably heard of Paleo and vegan diets. Well the Pegan diet is a healthy mix of both and includes eating plenty of fruit and vegetable combined with good fats, lean protein and food treated with no pesticides or antibiotics. If it sounds like this trend is for you – just be aware that the diet includes very few whole grains or dairy.


Faux meat

Plant-based ‘sausages’ and ‘burger’ patties are taking the world by storm and veganism continues to capture everyone’s imagination. For the eco-conscious, a vegan diet appeals as it is less damaging to the planet and for the animal-friendly it is completely cruelty-free. If you are living in Australia or planning on immigrating there, you might be interested to know that Australia has the third fastest-growing vegan population globally.


The Peruvian Cape Gooseberry

Popular in Europe and the USA, the Peruvian Cape Gooseberry is growing in popularity and is regarded as one of the new superfoods. Containing both vitamin A, B and C and high levels of protein and phosphorus, it is completely versatile and can be added to salads and desserts. They can even be dried and chopped up and sprinkled on top of everything from seafood to meat.


CBD-infused drinks

CBD oil became hugely popular in 2018 appearing in everything from skincare products to chocolate. Now it’s being added to drinks including your favourite latte. Cold drinks are also getting a CBD boost, with Coca-Cola recently announcing that they are considering developing ‘cannabis drinks’.


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