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Top 10 budgeting tips for Christmas

By December 13, 2018October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

Top 10 budgeting tips for Christmas

December 13, 2018


The expenses surrounding Christmas can quickly add up. To ensure you don’t finish the festive season with less money than you planned, here are some Christmas budgeting tips that will help your money go further.

Christmas on a budget tips

Set a Christmas budget

Before you even start buying presents, plan how much money you can comfortably afford to spend over the festive season. Once you have set this amount it’s important you stick to it and don’t go over it.

Make a Christmas list

Make a list of the people you plan buying presents for over the festive season. Start with your close family and friends and don’t be afraid to reduce your list if it starts getting too long.

Set a spending limit

Many people overspend during the Festive Season because they get carried away by their emotions. To avoid this, set a spending limit for each person according to your total Christmas budget.

Consider combined gifts

If you are buying gifts for a group of people or a family, see if you can buy a combined gift that everyone will enjoy, rather than single gifts for everyone.

Go shopping by yourself

If you shop on your own without friends or family, you are less likely to be distracted and there’s less chance that you will buy something you didn’t plan to.

Look for sales and discounts

There are many special offers available during the festive season. To make your money go further, look for sales and discounts where you can buy quality items for less.

Consider making your gifts

Instead of giving expensive presents, consider making something as a gift. People love gifts that are made with love. So, if you’re good at baking, woodwork or crafts, use your talents to make unique Christmas gifts that everyone will appreciate.

Plan your Christmas meal

The Christmas meal can be expensive. So rather than buying everything at once, set aside some space in your cupboard and fridge and buy a few items every week to put away. That way you won’t spend a huge amount at the last minute and you’ll stay within your budget.

Review your expenses every week

Keep your Christmas budget in mind all the time and review your expenses weekly to ensure you are sticking to your budget.

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