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Where to find South African food when living in Australia

By November 30, 2018October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

Where to find South African food when living in Australia

November 30, 2018


South Africans enjoy their food – and why shouldn’t they? South African food is unique and it’s often difficult for South African expats to find their favourite South African staples when living abroad. Just try and ask for ‘rusks’ in any Australian supermarket, and you’ll be directed to the baby aisle, where you’ll find little baby biscuits called ‘rusks’ – very different to what you are used to dunking in your morning coffee back in SA! If you are living in any of the major Australian cities, here is where you can find your South African food when living in Australia.

South African shops in Australia

South African shops in Perth

African Heritage Shop
The African Heritage Shop in Perth is exactly what the name implies! Here you can find all your traditional ‘home-grown’ products including boerewors, biltong, droë wors and snapsticks. You’ll also find plenty of homemade South African favourites including sticky koeksisters, peppermint crisp tarts and creamy melkterts. If you are looking for rusks, you find plenty including buttermilk, breakfast and nutty wheat as well as plenty of South African brands including Pro Nutro, All Gold and Koo.

You’ll find the African Heritage shop in Shop 18, Duncraig Shopping Centre, 50 Marri Road, Duncraig.

Cape to Cairo
Cape to Cairo in Perth offers an extensive range of leading South African brands and food and has both retail and wholesale arms of the business. If you want to shop in one of their stores, you will find them in Osborne Park, Woodvale or Bunbury where you will discover a wide range of South African products on their shelves including jams, marinades, pickles, rusks, salad dressings, braai goodies and more. You can also buy their goods online.

Mufasa Biltong Deli
The Mufasa Biltong Deli is located in the Currambine Business Centre in Perth and they produce South African meat and baked goods, which you can also order online.

South African shops in Melbourne

Taste Of Africa Café & Deli
Craving the taste of all things South African? Then look no further than this authentic South African Deli on 105 Main Street, Croydon, Victoria. Here you will find a range of South African groceries and freshly cooked South African cuisine that includes traditional favourites like vetkoek, bunny chow and boerewors rolls. Be sure to visit Taste Of Africa Café & Deli.

Protea Foods
Protea Foods is based in Cheltenham, Melbourne Victoria and their primary foods are South African favourites – biltong and boerewors. All their products are hand-cut from locally sourced prime Australian beef and carefully spiced and marinated to rekindle South African taste buds with the flavours of home.

The South African Shop
The South African Shop is located in Templestowe and Caulfield, Melbourne where you will find both traditional and Kosher South African food – and the Caulfield shop includes a the Shebeen Coffee Shop for a really aromatic flavour of home! The South African Shop was opened by a couple who arrived in Australia 18 years ago in 2001 and offers a vast range of South African products at affordable prices.

Tonys Quality Meat & Deli
Tony is a seasoned Butcher, working with meat for over 25 years. Do visit them in Moorabbin, Victoria. Tony’s policy is – he will not sell anything he will not eat. He prides himself in producing a quality product, with his own blend of spices. Bes sure to visit Tonys Quality Meat & Deli.

South African shops in Brisbane

Biltong Spice
Biltong Spice is based in Brisbane, but you can only buy its products online. As the name implies, they supply quality biltong, boerewors and droewors spices and a range of accessories that you can use to make your own biltong including biltong machines, biltong cutters and hooks.

Jerky Nuts shop
The Jerky Nuts was founded a couple of years ago after owners realised that biltong had become an incredibly popular snack down under. Although beginning with just one store, it now has three retail outlets in the Brisbane area – in Enoggera, Toowong and Ipswich.

South African shops Sydney

Springbok delights
Here you will find a large selection of South African beers, wines and spirits including a wide range of imported Southern African delicacies and groceries. Shop here for well-known, much-loved South African brands and apparently “the best” boerewors in Australia. You’ll find Springbok delights at 656 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove West NSW 2006

African Vibe
The African Vibe shop in Sydney has over 20 years of experience in making Biltong, drywors, snapstics and boerewors. They also stock over 400 South African products including rusks, biscuits and tarts and drinks like Ceres and South African sweets and chocolates. You can find the store at 206 Condamine Street, Balgowlah, Sydney 2093.

Biltong and Boerewors
Biltong and Boerewors aims to provide all Australians with the best tasting biltong and boerewors they can find. As a specialist meat provider, they have perfected their craft – providing top quality products made from 100% beef which is superior in flavour, texture and better quality than any of the other products available in South Africa. You can order their goods online or visit their walk-in shop on 40 Panmure Street, Sydney.

From South African food to South African finances

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