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Refer FinGlobal’s services and earn a 5% commission

Refer FinGlobal’s services and earn a 5% commission

August 3, 2018

FinGlobal Referral Programme

This is a great opportunity for everyone to become a FinGlobal Ambassador! We invite you to share our services with fellow South Africans living abroad and earn a 5% commission for every referral that becomes a FinGlobal client!

JOIN the FinGlobal Referral Programme and EARN

Once you become a FinGlobal Ambassador, you can share our services with any South African living abroad. The process is simple and easy:

  1. Register today: Register now and become a FinGlobal Ambassador.
  2. Start sharing: The FinGlobal Referral Programme is so easy to use. We have done all the work for you – all you have to do is choose the social media channel you want to share on and we have ready-made adverts and messages you can share, embedded with your unique link. It’s as easy as that! We’ll then track your link and notify you as soon as one of your referrals becomes a FinGlobal client.
  3. Earn: Once your referral is a FinGlobal client, you’ll receive 5% commission of the fee value that your referral is charged.

Track your money as you earn

The FinGlobal Referral Programme has many unique, user-friendly features:

  • You’ll have a real-time display of all your referrals and the commission you have earned.
  • We have ready-made adverts you can share on social media with your link and if someone clicks on your unique link – they will always be linked to you
  • Your commission is paid as soon as your referral accepts our services
  • There are no contracts – you can choose to opt-in or opt-out anytime!

Ideal referrals

As South Africa’s first financial emigration company, we provide a range of services you can refer to other South Africans living abroad:

Earning commission has never been easier

With a 100% success rate, you can be confident that the services you are referring will really benefit other South Africans – and all it takes to make the referral and start earning commission is just a few minutes of your time. Register now and try it today.

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