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7 ways to become more British

By June 21, 2017October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

7 ways to become more British

June 21, 2017


If you’re immigrating to the UK and want to quickly acclimatise, there are a number of fine British traditions you can hurriedly embrace and before you know it, you’ll start to feel right at home.

7 ways expats can become more British

Go ‘down the pub’

Yes, that’s the way it is said in the UK and soon you’ll be saying it exactly like that and socialising weekly at your local. Most British people ‘go down the pub’ at least weekly, particular after work on Friday nights. Pubs in villages are also central meeting points for families and a great place to rendezvous after a morning walk through the countryside.

Learn to love Cricket

Cricket is a very traditional UK sport and is played at most schools and villages over the weekends. The sides of a cricket pitch are a great place to meet and socialise with your neighbours during the traditional lunch and tea breaks. Even if you’re not playing, as soon as you learn how to use a few terms like ‘Yorker’, ‘googly’ and ‘silly mid-off’ you’ll feel right at home.

Go big on Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night takes place on the 5th of November every year to commemorate the thwarted plot by Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Every village traditionally builds a huge bonfire in the centre of town and burns an effigy of Guy Fawkes. The evening also includes plenty of celebrations, fireworks and baked potatoes – and is a fine event for the entire family. Just dress warmly, November is chilly!

Watch a Christmas ‘Panto’

Pantomimes are a wonderful British tradition and are entertaining events for friends and family every Christmas. Pantomimes are comedic renditions of popular fairy tales where men play many of the female roles. They involve a huge amount of hilarity and audience participation – and before you know it, you’ll be booking tickets for the next ‘panto’ months in advance.

Get dressed for Ladies Day

Horse racing is loved by most members of the UK population, including the Royal Family, who own many racing horses themselves. At most racecourses one of the biggest events is ‘Ladies Day’ and Royal Ascot Ladies Day, which is attended by many members of the Royal Family, is one of the most celebrated. So get your finest clothes on and a hat, grab a glass of champagne and a canapé and enjoy a fine day out with a bit of ‘royal-spotting’ between races.

Visit the seaside

Despite the weather, the British love a visit to the seaside. A visit to one of the UK’s fine seaside towns like Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool combines many fine traditions. Visit the local amusement arcade to enjoy the rides, wolf down a plate of fish and chips, followed by a cup of tea and an ice cream. Then wrap yourself up warmly and sit on the beach and enjoy an hour or two of fine British sunshine.

Kick up your heels at a folk festival

Ok, maybe joining the Morris Dancers at your local village show is a step too far – but make sure to attend and watch this fine British tradition that harks back to medieval ages. Picture a group of men and women dressed in old-fashioned clothes, holding sticks and dancing rhythmically to traditional music – it’s English eccentricity at its best!

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