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Far-flung places to immigrate to: Living in Luxembourg

By March 30, 2017October 3rd, 2023cashkows.com

Far-flung places to immigrate to: Living in Luxembourg

March 30, 2017

Luxembourg is a tiny, almost fairy-tale like country bordered by Germany, France and Belgium. It’s a country that readily attracts expats who are drawn to its high standards of living, diversity and scenery. If you plan to immigrate to Luxembourg, here are some tips to help you make a smooth transition.

Tips for moving to Luxembourg

Learn to speak a foreign language

If you think you’ll get by with just English in Luxembourg, you’re in for a shock. Most of the residents are fluent in French and German and only a small handful speaks English. So before you go, brush up on your French and German to make your move more enjoyable!

Have the required visas in place

If you are a citizen of the EU/EAA you won’t require a visa to enter and stay in Luxembourg. If you are from another country, your employer should ensure you have the necessary residence and work visas.

Ensure you have sufficient finances

Luxembourg enjoys a high standard of living, but it is very expensive when compared to its neighbouring countries. If you are arriving without a job, ensure you have sufficient income to cover all your expenses until you find one.

Shop abroad

Locals save money by taking a bus or train to buy their basic necessities from food, to clothes and household appliances in the cheaper countries of Germany, Belgium or France. If you want to maximise your finances, this would be a good way to start doing it.

Get used to walking

Another money-saving tip is choosing to walk rather than using the local transport. Taxis are too pricey to use to commute every day – but you can save a substantial amount and get fit in the process, if you purchase a pair of walking shoes.

Embrace a slower pace of life

Life in Luxembourg is a lot slower and gentler than its neighbouring countries. To fit into the pace of life in Luxembourg, plan outdoor activities and outings with your family and throw your pressurised time schedule away!

Ensure your career is in line with job opportunities

As Luxembourg is not a large country, jobs can be limited so make sure your job is in demand. If you work in the finance sector you’ll be in luck as many multinational companies and international banks have their offices here. A plus factor is that Luxembourg grants work permits easily to highly qualified non EU-citizens, making it an attractive destination for expats outside Europe.

Enjoy the culture and food

Luxembourg is renowned for its wonderful food and you can enjoy hearty traditional Luxembourgish dishes or sample the wide range of international ones which range from Asian to African. Luxembourg’s testimony to gastronomy is that it has the highest concentration of Michelin stars per restaurant in Europe – so eat and enjoy!

If you’re planning on immigrating to Luxembourg and need financial advice, contact us today and we’ll help you maximise your finances in your new home.
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