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How to be placed on the expat New Zealand ‘priority list’

By January 19, 2017October 3rd,

How to be placed on the expat New Zealand ‘priority list’

January 19, 2017

New Zealand is at the top of many people’s expat destinations. After all, what’s not to love about the wide-open spaces, magnificent mountain ranges, the friendly locals and a world-dominating rugby team?

Add this to the fact that it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, ties with Denmark in having the least corrupt nation in the world and a wonderfully healthy, outdoor lifestyle filled with a wide variety of sport, and it’s not surprising that it has many people “banging on its door”. So how do you fast track your way into this very desirable country?

Well, this can be tricky. New Zealand is one of the most difficult countries to gain the right to reside. You have to earn your right to stay, working your way up through the various levels of visas from working-holiday to temporary, to finally resident.

But if you possess a few unique skills, you could win a skilled migrant visa provided, you’re under the age of 55 and of good character. To check out what skills are in demand have a long at their Long Term Skills Shortage list which outlines the qualifications and skills that are needed.

Here are a few of the special skills they’re looking for.

Skills that will get you to New Zealand


New Zealand is a developing country and engineers are in hot demand, especially after the devastation caused by the Christchurch earthquake. Material engineers and experts in the petrochemical field are also high up on the list. No matter what type of engineer you are, there is a good chance New Zealand needs you!


New Zealand’s wide-open spaces mean drivers tend to chew a lot of mileage as they drive around and many businesses are reliant on goods being transported from place to place. So if you’re a qualified mechanic, you’re in hot demand as the country is offering visas to mechanics qualified in diesel truck maintenance or automotive electronics.

IT Support

Like any growing country, New Zealand is very dependent on having a good working IT infrastructure and people skilled in IT support are needed to run it. Experienced technicians can earn a good salary, even after only a few years of experience and you’ll find a wide range of computing and IT qualifications are accepted to fulfil this role.


New Zealand is undergoing a food revolution, as people demand innovative dishes inspired by locally grown ingredients. No longer is the standard stodgy food of the British settlers being taken for the norm, instead people are looking to their local culture and demanding exotic variations of Maori-inspired cuisine. If you’re a trained chef and are ready to take on new challenges, New Zealand has its doors and tables wide open to you!

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