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6 Tips for choosing the right international mover

By December 1, 2016October 3rd,

6 Tips for choosing the right international mover

December 1, 2016

The time has arrived, you’re immigrating and you need to pack up your home to move to your new international destination. But how do you choose the right mover to carry your goods and ensure they arrive safely at the door of your new home in your new country? Here are some tips to ensure you “make the right move”.

How to choose the right international shipping company

Tip 1: choose a company from an affiliated organisation

Only select a company from an affiliated organisation with a reliable track record and an approved guarantee schemed. Do some research online in expat forums, especially forums relating to the country you’re moving to and see what other expat’s personal experiences were.

Tip 2: check who is doing the move on the other side

You’ll often find that a company will move your goods from your home to the harbour of your new country, but they then will have a partner that will store it on the other side until you are ready for it to be moved to your new home. It’s important to do some research and ensure that this partner is a trusted company with its own fleet of trucks and a member of an accredited organisation.

Tip 3: decide what you need from your mover

Decide what services you want your mover to provide and ensure they offer them. Many people prefer to do their own packing into supplied boxes. Other people prefer to have the moving company pack everything. Many moving companies might not insure the goods (especially if they are breakable) if you’ve done your own packing. So it’s worthwhile to ask for a complete breakdown of all offered services before you make your decision.

Tip 4: check what your destination country allows in

Some countries, like Australia, have very stringent regulations about what is brought onto their shores. Many people have stories to tell of having to have much loved Christmas wreaths and furniture professionally destroyed because they didn’t meet Australia’s requirements. Dubai also prohibits all objects that do not adhere to their religious and moral values. If you are moving with an accredited organisation, they should be able to inform you about what you can and can’t bring with you to your new country. Common restricted items include:

  • Cars
  • Culturally offensive materials
  • Firearms
  • Illegal drugs
  • Liquor
  • Pets
  • Specialist electronic equipment

Tip 5: find out the costs of moving

This may seem obvious, but costs can vary from company to company. If you don’t have too many belongings, you will find it is far cheaper to share a container with someone else.

Tip 6: get adequate insurance

Don’t skimp on insurance. Even in the most reputable countries things can go wrong or missing. Insurance will protect your possessions from damage, loss or unforeseen events. If you are not happy with the insurance price your moving company provides, shop around and see if you can find a better deal.

If you’re planning on immigrating and need any advice about your financial migration, contact us today and we’ll help you on the path to financial freedom in your new home.
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