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Rainbow Friday: the SA expat’s Friday shopping feature #10

By June 3, 2016October 24th,

Rainbow Friday: the SA expat’s Friday shopping feature #10

June 3, 2016

Hello Friday! Fancy you a wee bit of shopping? Of course you do! And lucky for you, we’re back with your #RainbowFriday feature, picking up up at no. 10 from last week. This week we’re travelling to Germany to check in at one of our favourite South African shops, called South African Goodies.

Shop of the Week – South African Goodies

As South Africans living in Germany, shop owners Elmarie and Fulvia realised there were very few ‘homemade’ South African goods in their new country. But this drawback presented a huge opportunity. They opened their online shop in October 2008, and the shop has since gone from strength to strength, catering for South African emigrants far and wide.
The shop ships across Germany, the EU and Europe.

Shop products

South African Goodies offers almost anything your safa heart desires, and if you can’t decide, you can always get a gift voucher.

Categories include:

  • Promotional items
  • Freebies
  • Beverages
  • Chutneys, marinades & sauces
  • Spices & seasonings
  • Biscuits & rusks
  • Cereals, maize & dry products
  • Curry & soup
  • Jams & spreads
  • Biltong, droewors & dried fruit
  • Canned & bottled goods
  • Baking & desserts
  • Sweets, chips & nougat
  • Health & beauty
  • Household products
  • Gift ideas
  • Gift vouchers
  • Boerewors
  • Recipes
  • Shop contact details

Placing an order: simply place your order via their online shop.

They don’t have a physical shop, but feel free to contact them if you have any enquiries.

Address: South African Goodies GbR, 21258 Heidenau, Deutschland


Tel: 0151 407 13321

Special features

If you happen to find yourself outside their delivery areas, you can simply send them an email and they will send you a quote for their delivery service. They also have a range of recipes and gifting ideas on their website and every now and then they offer freebies on their website.

Feel free to follow them on Facebook.

Happy shopping and check in again next week Friday for your Rainbow Friday shopping feature.

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