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18 June 2016: Father’s day

By May 27, 2016October 10th, 2023Newsletter

18 June 2016: Father’s day

May 27, 2016

Father’s Day is celebrated all around the world, and in South Africa this year it is the 18th of June. Internationally, Father’s Day is the day when the most collect calls are made, which seems to illustrate the saying that children may move out of their parents’ home, but not necessarily out of their wallet!

If you want to spoil your dad this Father’s Day with more than just a call you paid for yourself, and have run out of ideas, we’re here with some unique gift ideas that Dad will love. There’s even a suggestion for a box of goodies from home if the Dad in your life is living abroad and misses some of the things unique to South Africa.

1. If Dad likes the finer things in life

There are many luxury goods or wine-of-the-month clubs you can sign your Dad up for. They offer a wide variety of products in various price ranges, and can include white and red wine, craft beers, different kinds of cheese, olives and olive oil, home-made preserves and more.

2. If Dad likes adventure

If your dad is the thrill-seeking type, why not organise him an experience instead of just getting another soap-on-a-rope or set of cufflinks? Adventures can range from horse riding on the beach or a mountain trail, hot air ballooning or go-kart racing, to skydiving! It will be something he’ll never forget!

3. If Dad loves fishing

If fishing is what floats your Dad’s boat, look into arranging him an experience he’ll always remember. If you live near the ocean, a fishing charter for the day is bound to be exciting, and if you’re inland, a fishing safari at the nearest lake or dam is a great way to spend a day. Of course, fishing paraphernalia such as a new rod or tackle box would also be welcome, or some printed t-shirts featuring the “one that got away”.

4. If Dad misses home

There are some things that say “home” as soon as you see them, and for South Africans, those things are often food-related! If Dad is missing home, make up a box of his favourite goodies including some of the following: Mrs Balls Chutney, Marmite, Flings, biltong, droë wors, Ouma rusks, rooibos cappuccino capsules for his Nespresso machine or a six-pack of Castle. You could even “think outside of the box” and make him a homemade biltong box, which he can use to make his own biltong any time the craving strikes.

4. If all else fails

What if your dad’s not into any of the above? If all else fails, buy him a supporter’s jersey for his favourite sports team and take him to go and see a game – he’ll love spending time with you while watching his favourite game.

Whatever you decide to do with your dad, make sure you appreciate him for who he is, and enjoy spending time with him if you can.