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When it’s time to transfer your retirement annuity

By July 24, 2015October 10th, 2023Retirement annuities

When it’s time to transfer your retirement annuity

July 24, 2015

Unless you’re a financial guru, chances are the thought to move your pension, retirement annuity or savings abroad befuddles you. Indeed, most people are not inclined to transferring their retirement annuities, pension or preservation funds across international borders.

This cynical view of retirement funding is not necessarily wrong. In fact, this conservative approach to financial management is one which has been instilled in most of us from a young age. Building a nest egg and leaving it to incubate in a safe (and familiar) place is a responsible way to manage your money. In most cases this approach guarantees your earnings in future.

But there are several instances where converting your retirement savings to cash simply makes more sense. Perhaps you want to eliminate exchange rate risk, or maybe you’re looking at property. Some may need to house their pension funds under one umbrella, and others, well – for others it may be a simple case of needing cash flow to kick-start their new lives.

Pension fund transfer – why

In short – has a 100% success rate and we require no upfront fees for our services.

Since 2008, we’ve helped thousands of clients from over 105 countries turn their retirement, pension and/or preservation funds into cash and transfer the funds to their new new homes.

The process is simple, efficient and all starts with an obligation-free assessment:

  • step 1: complete our online enquiry form
  • step 2: get your comprehensive personal online report
  • step 3: have a one-on-one consultation with one of our financial planners
  • step 4: receive your fixed quote to complete the transfer will only receive payment from your policy proceeds once our services have been successfully delivered.

Don’t let your savings be cause for more headaches – let us call you today so that we can help you to take charge of your personal finances. Your heart may belong in the motherland, but your money should remain with you.

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