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By May 18, 2015September 27th, – why the quirky name and what does it mean?

May 18, 2015

A change in South African tax legislation in 2008 gave rise to a unique client-centric opportunity that subsequently led to becoming the world’s leading South African financial migration brand.

The objective was simple: to convert South African expats’ Retirement Annuities to cash with the view to transfer the proceeds offshore, to a bank in their new hometowns. A windfall policyholders were totally unaware of.

What to call and how to explain yet another new financial service product that until 2010 was not available to policyholders?

Founded on the fact that our services and product involves the acceleration to surrender people’s retirement annuities and other pension products before maturity date the name communicates the very reason why people invested in these products in the first place – in their golden years to enjoy an annuity income.

How does one differentiate a new brand in a competitive financial services industry, offering a niche service to a relatively small, but targeted, South African expat audience?

We took solace in Al Ries’ suggestion there is method to the madness of a seemingly meaningless moniker”

How does Investopedia describe a cash cow? A metaphor for a dairy cow that produces milk over the course of its life and requires little maintenance. A dairy cow is an example of a cash cow, as after the initial capital outlay has been paid off, the animal continues to produce milk for many years to come.”

In a bewildering and differentiated world of brands and using creative license we took comfort in comparing a cash cow to ongoing income after retirement, as not a far fetched idea nor would it be irresponsible.

Starting out in Hermanus in the Western Cape, with prospective clients living on six continents, online was the only effective medium to reach and deal with clients, business partners and tax authorities.

We were destined to be a .com brand – and to make doubly sure people would ask the question we registered our brand as

Why the quirky name? Because logic is the enemy of a successful brand name.

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