Is your share of the R1 billion in unclaimed policies with your name on it – just waiting to be transferred to your international bank account? No questions asked…

This is not a too good to be true tale with a sting in the tail – it’s a bona fide invitation to recover the money you forgot about or – believe it or not – which you never knew about!

While it may sound bizarre to think one can forget about money it’s a fact. Testimony to this tale is the thousands of orphaned policies – amounting to more than a Billion Rand that are stuck in the insurance companies’ system of untraceable beneficiaries.

The fact of the matter? These policies can never lapse, the monies can never be paid to anyone other than the original policyholders and the insurance companies need assistance in identifying the affected beneficiaries.

That’s law and that’s the good news.

If there’s one opportunity no expat should let slip through the fingers it’s this one! With nothing to lose, all you need to do is ask for your free personal online report on unclaimed policies. It’ll be our pleasure!