Are you a South African selling your professional skills on the international market, but have assets and obligations back home? Who’s taking care of your South African affairs while you’re out there doing what you are best at?

There are tens of thousands South African professionals enjoying the stimulating challenges the world has on offer. With ones sponsored work visa taken care of, and living abroad starting to feel like home, it’s not difficult to neglect your South African assets and obligations. In most cases people believe they’ve emigrated because they have a work permit, are paying local taxes and own the property they live in.

Meantime, back at the ranch, they’ve hidden some lights under the bushel, which deserve servicing and attention. Forgotten or neglected assets and investments can make a significant difference to ones retirement investment.

While you’re out making it elsewhere, let’s help you make it back here. You know the saying “two heads are better than one”

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