Rugby is an international language understood by people the world over. It brings together all walks of life… young and old, men and women, bosses, babes and brawn!

It’s made many a grown man cry and brought smiles to millions of faces. It’s a nation-building pastime like no other. It’s friendly, it’s furious and it’s competitive but most importantly it’s fun and a game the whole world can play!

Superbru and are bringing South African lovers with a passion for the game together to demonstrate long distance support and faith in their teams. An international event where supporters can wager their prowess and knowledge of the game to predict the winner.

There’s more to winning than a trophy and the prize monies at stake. Imagine hundreds of thousands of South African expats from all over the world pooling together? In the process making new friends, all contracting rugby fever at the same time. To join, click here. Let’s play Superbru. Touch. Pause. Engage. There’s R10,000 up for grabs!

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