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SA Expats: Retirement Annuities and Grudge Purchase Relief.

By October 23, 2014October 10th, 2023Unclaimed policies

SA Expats: Retirement Annuities and Grudge Purchase Relief.

October 23, 2014

When we were younger retirement and pension plan savings fell in the same category as motorcar tyres – both were considered a grudge purchase. The similarity between the two products, however – there when you need it most!

 The world, in the meantime, has become a more interesting and competitive place with South Africans finding themselves scattered all over the globe.

While they quite happily sold their wheels when they left the country they had no choice but to leave their other grudge purchase behind.

Say what you like about South Africa, the country has undergone some interesting changes, but sometimes even good news and really important information, travel slowly – especially if you’re living abroad and therefore out of touch.

One such change relates to what I call grudge purchase relief. The fact that it’s old news that you’re fully entitled to cash-out your retirement annuities before your 55th Birthday and may transfer the full capital value offshore means nothing if you don’t know about this 6 year old legislation change.

Grudge Purchase Relief is still freely available to all South African expats holding retirement annuities and pension investments back home. Your money is there – waiting for you – whether you need it or not, or just prefer to securely invest for your one day in local currency.

When I was a young boy there was a motorcar tyre brand that made the promise Safe in the Wet – Safe in the Dry.

To take charge of your financial destination – start thinking about cashing-out your retirement annuities sooner rather than later.

Finglobal has assisted thousands of clients to successfully move their retirement monies to over 105 countries.

For effective grudge purchase relief. When you’re done thinking – talk to us. Our promise? We deliver. No bull.

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