Rules is rules – a deliberate mocking of the term. While “rules are what the artists break” makes sense in the art and creative environments.

When it comes to money matters out the box thinking sits a bit uncomfortably with most people – this is the time when earning trust is table stakes!

Rules, regulations, laws and terms and conditions were designed to provide equality; to discourage being different for the sake of being different.

This is not intended as an essay on ethics – rather an explanation of the ethos relative to Rules of Engagement when Moving Retirement Annuity Monies offshore.

To foster a sincere trust based relationship we focus on clients’ individual needs, one at a time because there’s no one size fits all solution, and every case is guarded by four non-negotiable rules – which help us to think inside the box! 

  1. The Reserve Bank’s exchange control regulations.
  2. The South African Revenue Service laws.
  3. The Insurance Industry’s terms and conditions.
  4. The long distances between clients and their money.

Within the four “sides of the box” our people add value through intelligence, knowledge, thinking and compassion. We’re dealing with people we’ll probably never meet in person. That is why we subscribe to a simple something we call For Goodness Sake.

If we can ever be of service don’t hesitate to let us call you!

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