is an international PPS advisor specialising in providing solutions for South Africans’ financial emigration and financial planning needs. At the time of writing has serviced in excess of 7700 clients living in more than 75 world countries. We understand the South African expat.

PPS offers ‘international South Africans’ the opportunity to make sickness; incapacity, disability and dread disease claims from anywhere in the world – as long, of course, as you retain your membership and regularly update your benefits portfolio. There are no restrictions on travel or emigration. As a PPS member you can live and work anywhere in the world and enjoy continued world-class cover and benefits.

What makes PPS benefits ‘better’ than other available insurance products? Firstly, PPS is designed exclusively for South African professionals and provides worldwide cover. When living abroad, your premiums don’t change. Given the strength of most currencies relative to the Rand, premiums are a fraction of what you’d pay for cover outside South Africa. Not forgetting the premium rebates, which accrue to your personal Profit Share Account.

With PPS you’re able to keep your cover aligned to your Gross Professional Income (GPI), which means you can increase premiums relative to your international income.

In so doing you basically cover yourself against claims shortfalls, as an antidote to a depreciating Rand.

From age 60onwards, the balance in your PPS Profit Share Account becomes tax exempt in South Africa.

For successful living before, and after, retirement talk to your accredited international PPS advisor today. Why settle for ‘as good as it gets’ when you can do much better? Let us call you.

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