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Something from Home

By February 16, 2023October 11th, 2023FinGlobal

Something from Home

February 16, 2023


New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for South African ex-pats. If you’ve already settled in New Zealand or are planning to head over and looking for an authentic South African fix, look no further than Something From Home! Something From Home is a South African shop online jam-packed with a wide range of South African products.

The Something From Home shop features proudly South African food, drinks, unique arts and crafts, fashion accessories, gifts or groceries. Whether you’re looking for South African shops Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand, your purchase is delivered to your door within a few days.

It’s a top choice for everything South African, from Cotton Road handbags, Mrs Balls Chutney and Nando’s to ingredients you need to make your own Koeksisters, Peppermint crisp tart or the best Biltong in Auckland. Here’s everything you need to know about the Something From Home shop.

What can you buy at the Something from Home shop?

Many of your favourite South African brands are available at Something From Home. These include:

South African groceries

Something From Home is your one-stop shop for all South African groceries. From baking products, cereals, canned and prepared foods, spices, sauces and fruit sticks to biscuits, cool drinks and traditional South African rusks from brands like Ouma. You can get candies, sweets, and chocolates made with the finest ingredients by South African companies you know and love.

If you’re craving some traditional Pap and Samp, check out the various rice and maize meal options to help you whip up a simple dish or hearty main course. The South African groceries at Something From Home can suit all budgets and are guaranteed to give you a taste of home.


Biltong is a tasty treat with South African roots, and it may be impossible to find in shops around New Zealand. Thanks to the Something From Home shop, you can access some of the best Biltong in Auckland that’s ready to eat and made from various types of meat like chicken, beef and pork.

If you want to make your Biltong, Something From Home has everything you need, from a starter kit to ingredients and an amazing recipe.

Braai accessories

If you’re planning a barbeque or Braai, Something From Home has everything you need to make it a successful, unforgettable experience. You’ll find everything under one roof, from tender, juicy, and flavoursome Boerewors and Drywors to Braai grids, charcoal, tongs and aprons.

Potjie pots

Is there anything more South African than cooking Potjiekos over a fire on a three-legged cast iron pot? Something From Home stocks various three-legged and flat Potjie pots, and you can get one at an excellent price to bring your Potjiekos stew to life anywhere in New Zealand.

The pots are incredibly versatile and can cook other stews, soups, roasts and bread. They help preserve the natural flavour of ingredients to give you an enjoyable culinary experience free of smokey smells. Best of all, they feature rings that help you measure how much you’re cooking depending on the number of people you’re serving.

Oh, So Heavenly

If you’re looking for a proudly South African brand for bath, body, face and hair care, you can access Oh So Heavenly products at Something From Home. They stock a wide range of good quality and affordable products that give you excellent value for money and ensure you stay fresh and clean.

Cotton Road handbags and accessories

Founded and based in South Africa, Cotton Road is the epitome of style and quality fused with a sunny South African attitude. Something From Home is an excellent South African shop online for Cotton Road handbags and accessories. They’re the exclusive distributor of a wide range of Cotton Road products in New Zealand and Australia.

If you’re fashion savvy and looking for something special, check out the Something From Home shop for stylish and practical handbags, backpacks, beach bags, baby bags, sling bags, totes, purses, wallets and other Cotton Road accessories.

Gifts and home décor

From Inge’s art to South African Mugs, Something From Home features an amazing selection of South African gifts and home décor with beautiful designs and quality material. They can help add a style that feels like home wherever you are and make the perfect gift to a loved one.

All products are handmade with love and care in South Africa using only the best materials and can suit all styles, and needs, from minimal and modern to rustic and whimsical.

Why is Something from Home one of the best South African shops in New Zealand?

Excellent service

You can expect good South African charm and care from the support team at Something From Home. The friendly team is always on hand to help you find what you’re looking for, and there are countless reviews online from customers praising the outstanding service at Something From Home. The experience is excellent, and you’ll not encounter any issues even when you have a problem with the product and need to replace or return it.


Something From Home does more than provide a link to home for South Africans in New Zealand. Apart from being a South African shop online, it has partnerships with various companies in New Zealand to make your stay or immigration experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

It provides vital information you’ll need in New Zealand and give you contacts to important services like immigration agents, life insurance or vehicle insurance. You can also discover hobbies, reliable hairdressers, estate agents, churches and where to hire a car. 


Most imported products aren’t cheap, but Something From Home aims to bring you truly South African products at the lowest possible rates. They feature reasonable and affordable pricing without compromising on quality, and you can quickly find what you need, no matter your budget.


A little advice from our expert advisors at FinGlobal

If you’ve recently moved to New Zealand and want to access some of your regular treats and comforts from South Africa, the Something From Home shop can help meet your needs. Check them out today for your grocery, food, drinks, beauty care, handbags, and home décor!

With that said, it’s safe to say that we’re about more than just good food, drink, beauty and gifts at FinGlobal. With ten years of experience behind us, we believe we are just the team to provide you with your needed emigration and financial emigration advice and guidance. For more assistance, contact us at FinGlobal. You can give us a call or send us an email today.

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