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South Africa’s family magazines, how can you get them?

By September 21, 2022December 19th, 2023FinGlobal

South Africa’s family magazines, how can you get them?

September 21, 2022


We all enjoy a glossy magazine; there’s something quite seductive about flicking through its pages, reading interesting snippets of information, relatable stories, and, of course, drooling over the recipes. At least that’s been our experience when reading lekker South African magazines such Drum, You, and Huisgenoot.

South African magazine subscriptions: the expat’s lifeline

Staying in touch with home often becomes a fixation that takes on almost stalker-like qualities, especially for saffa’s who have recently emigrated. Nothing compares to immersing yourself in a good home-brewed mag when feelings of homesickness threaten to overwhelm you. Not that other magazines aren’t as interesting, but there’s something to be said for the lekker stories found in South Africa’s gossipy magazines that outstrip their international counterparts. Local will always be lekker, just saying!

Unfortunately, diving into a spicey Drum magazine article after dinner can be a little difficult if you’re based on the other side of the world. Or is it? While you might not be able to walk into the local corner store to feed your Huisgenoot cravings, there are other ways of getting your paws on some of the greatest South African magazines. You just need to search in the right places!

Digital vs. paper magazines

Enter the digital magazine. Some might say modern technology takes away from the calm relaxation you experience reading a magazine in print. However, it does provide easy access to your beloved magazines at the touch of a button and solves the biggest conundrum of all, where to get them if you can’t purchase them in print! Furthermore, with so much of our time spent online, it makes sense to read magazines online from a convenience point of view.

If you are new to the digital magazine world, below are some perks regarding reading your favourite gossip mags online.

  • Convenient – accessible on your smartphone, kindle, or tablet
  • Environmentally friendly – no paper used, saves on trees, water, and other resources
  • Reduces waste – no need to recycle or find ways of storing your magazine once read
  • Easy to produce – faster to create content online than printing
  • More accessible – offers interactive features such as videos, sound bytes, and interview footage.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a FinGlobal article without the team providing a balanced approach; we like to play devil’s advocate; it’s such fun! Below are some of the ‘voordele’ of reading a magazine in print.

  • Relaxing – nothing beats the great smell of ink and paper while engrossed in a juicy article
  • Reduces screen time – too much screen time can result in obesity, sleep issues, and anxiety
  • Can be recycled – magazines are easily recycled or upcycled for further use in places such as doctors waiting rooms, hospitals, and libraries.

The only major negative we could find about reading magazines in print is that they’re not always available when you are far from home. They also have a habit of not being around when your 2 am cravings for a You magazine word search won’t be satisfied with last month’s issue. This is where digital beats paper, hands down!

Online magazine subscriptions, how do they work?

By now, it’s ‘clicked’ that the key to reading South African magazines abroad is an online magazine subscription or app.

Subscribing to an online magazine is quite similar to subscribing to a print magazine. Simply create an account on the relevant subscription website, provide your personal details, and the monthly subscription fee is debited from your bank. Then, instead of receiving your magazine in print from Jacobus the postman, your magazine is immediately available online. Now that’s convenience!

Alternatively, if you prefer a more techy approach, download your favorite magazine’s app onto your smart or android phone via the Apple or Google play store.

But online magazines aren’t only for those abroad. Suppose you find yourself on holiday without your favourite gossip rag or Tanie Marie has ‘borrowed’ your You magazine and not returned it; simply download the app, pay the subscription, and bobs an uncle you never knew you had! At least that’s what pg 7 of the latest Huisgenoot suggests (wink wink).

Online magazine subscription websites and apps

If you are ready to feast your senses on some amazing South African journalism, it’s time to haul out the trusty iPad, phone, or tablet; crank up the desktop and start subscribing! That You magazine South Africa subscription is only a few clicks away.

Below is a list of amazing online magazine subscription websites and apps that provide access to some of the greatest South African magazines around:

Online magazine subscriptions




Magazine apps for Apple iOS devices

Magazine apps for Android devices

Living abroad can be tough without your usual creature comforts, as is going on holiday without your trusty Drum magazine because ‘someone’ forgot to pack it! However, stress not, with an online digital magazine subscription or app, home is never too far away. Happy reading, everyone from the friendly FinGlobal team.

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