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Sea Point Promenade Cape Town

By July 6, 2022October 16th, 2023FinGlobal

Sea Point Promenade Cape Town

July 6, 2022

“Oh, the FinGlobal team likes to be beside the seaside; we like to be beside the sea! Where the brass bands play, diddly om pom pom!”

Apologies, we tend to get a little carried away when talking about the beautiful beaches found in South Africa!

But back to business. As you know, South Africa is well known for its stunning weather, gorgeous wildlife, and iconic beauty spots. However, none are as beautiful or as lively as the Sea Point promenade in Cape Town. Of course, there may be Saffas who disagree, claiming other iconic landmarks are far superior, but that’s just because they haven’t yet visited the Cape Town promenade!

Sea Point Promenade

Where can you find the Sea Point Promenade?

Sea Point is a bustling suburb of Cape Town, nestled on a narrow strip of land between the famous Lion’s Head Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. The Prom, as local Capetonians call it, runs along the waterfront from Mouille (Moo-lee) point and through Sea Point, hence the name, Sea Point Promenade!

Things to do and see

You’re probably thinking this is just another paved walkway running along the water line; you get them everywhere in the world. But, in this case, you would be wrong. The Sea Point promenade Cape Town is more than your average seaside walkway covered in sand and typical beach debris (yesterday’s lollipop sticks). This is where all walks of life gather to enjoy activities such as jogging, cycling, skating, and dog walking. However, if, like us, you think that sounds far too energetic, even the ramblers or amblers are welcome! Just one word of warning, there is an outdoor gym along the way, so hide that cheeky ice cream as you walk past; you might have to fight the local fitness dudes for the last lick!

The Cape Town promenade is also a great space to take the family for a fabulous day out. Kids can burn off energy playing in the playgrounds found en route, and families can enjoy fun-filled rounds of putt-putt surrounded by sun, sand, and sea. There are also coffee and ice cream shops and a candy striped lighthouse, which is bound to keep Oupa and Ouma occupied! Finally, you can dive into the Olympic-sized swimming pool at the Sea Point Pavillion for the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Shops and activities

Of course, you can’t just take our word for it; you need some actual proof, especially if you’re trying to decide which part of South Africa to visit on your next homeward-bound adventure. So because the FinGlobal team is super proactive, we’ve put together a list of the hot spots to visit and exciting activities to partake in when you next find yourself walking along the prom prom promenade!

Here you will find an Olympic swimming pool, kiddies splash pools, and diving board facilities. An entrance fee is charged, and swimmers can buy refreshments from nearby vendors and kiosks.

The Green Point Lighthouse stands sentry on the edge of Mouille Point. It is a national heritage site and one of the many Cape Town attractions open to the public for tours. If you’re looking for the ultimate lighthouse adventure, check out the fantastic self-catering cottages up for hire!

This fully equipped gym is set up right in the middle of the park, just before Mouille Point; you guessed it, it’s outdoors under the sun! Give your body a full workout using the air skier, gymnastic rings, cross trainer, or horizontal ladders; the choice is yours!

Looking for a great coffee or a light lunchtime bite? Pop into the Atlantic Express Restaurant in Sea Point. Here you can indulge in treats like Smoosnoek Pancake or Karoo roast lamb while taking in the hustle and bustle of the Sea Point Promenade. This restored railway carriage is known for its excellent food and is the ideal spot for hanging out after the gym when in need of a healthy smoothie or juice.

This trendy gourmet deli serves specialist coffees paired with decadent breakfasts and succulent meals such as burgers (plant-based included), salads, steak, and crayfish! Don’t forget to tantalize your taste buds with a French pastry or two!

If you prefer pizza, pasta, and wine, the Posticino Italian Restaurant located in Sea Point is the place to go. Pair your meal with fruity wine or an aromatic espresso while the kids dive into the Gelati ice cream and Cassata.

After all that coffee and cake, it’s time to work off the calories with an energetic round of putt-putt at the Three Anchor Bay Course in Sea Point. Situated right on the promenade in Mouille Point, the course provides stunning views of the sea. Choose between two courses of 18 hours and spend the next hour or so having a laugh while soaking up the hot African sun!

If hearing about this gem on the Cape Town coast has got you packing your holiday bags in eager anticipation, we salute you! There’s nothing quite like the African coastline with its stunning sunsets and beautiful promenades. Of course, when you add excellent cuisine, tasty beverages, and fun activities, it equates to the vibrant, diverse culture that we South Africans know and love! Happy travels from the FinGlobal team.

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