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Connecting with South Africans online

By June 1, 2022November 29th, 2022FinGlobal

Connecting with South Africans online

June 1, 2022

Heading overseas is exciting – you’re soon to be a South African expat, revelling in all that is new and shiny about a foreign country. Not only have you planned every finite detail, from which flights to take to how to pull off the best space-saving packing techniques, but you’ve also started envisioning your new life. A new life complete with a new supportive friends group, increased safety, better education, and, you know, much greener grass.

Connecting with South Africans online

All things considered, you’re probably chomping at the bit to leave until someone asks an awkward question: “Do you know any South Africans overseas?” Being gung ho about moving to a new country is one thing, but we all know how hard life could be without the support and care of fellow South Africans. And regardless of where you’re headed, the good news is that there’s probably a community of South Africans living there! In Australia, there’s the community of Aussiekaners. In New Zealand and the UK, there’s the Saffa community. You’ve just got to find the right expat forum and group for you. And if there’s a Saffa community in your new home country, you want to be part of it, don’t you? Let’s consider how to get yourself with another South African expat.

South African expat forum

Which Is The Right South African Expat Forum For You?

Many South Africans are taking the plunge into the unknown and want to be part of a community. A sense of belonging can be the difference between a new place that feels like home (an adventure, so to speak) and an uncomfortable culture shock. If you’re looking for the right place to connect with other South Africans online before you relocate and when you touch down on foreign soil, consider the following:

  • Internations

Internations is not specifically a South African expat forum, but is a leading expat forum for people from all over the globe. This online community is easy to join and connects like-minded people living in new countries. What’s great about Internations is that it helps people join activities and events which makes finding your tribe a lot easier when in a foreign country.

South African Facebook Groups

If you spend a bit of time rifling through Facebook, you will find several South Africa groups on Facebook. These groups aim to help South Africans meet other South Africans in the new country, but also seek to help people settle into their new country with greater ease. Some of the more popular groups to join include the following:

  • Safrikiwi

This South African Facebook group for expats is for newbies to New Zealand. The expat forum includes helpful service categories offering information on services and businesses, professional networks, buy and sell, and real estate/accommodation.

  • Aussiekaners

This expat forum on Facebook is 65,000 members strong, is 11 years in the running, and connects South African Australians with each other when first moving to Aus. Of course, members stay far longer than just a few weeks on the group, helping each other out with community information, tips, advice, and access to buy and sell items.

  • Perthfontein

This is a group for all new South Africans in Perth. It’s a place to connect with like-minded people, share information on South African events and basically keep the South African culture alive.

  • South Africans in the UK & SA Helping One Another

This South African Facebook group provides the perfect space for South Africans to meet each other in a safe environment. The group is focused on South Africans helping each other, whether they are located in SA or UK. With 30,000 members, it’s plausible that you may find your true tribe using this group.

  • South Africans in the Netherlands

If you’re heading to the Netherlands, don’t worry – there’s a thriving South African community there. This group focuses on keeping all South Africans with info on social events, advertising South African products and services, providing business support.

Additional Facebook Groups To Consider for Expats

  • South Africans wanting to Live and Work in Canada and USA
  • South Africans Helping South Africans in Portugal
  • South Africans Immigrating to the USA
  • South Africans Living in Italy
  • Leaving South Africa
  • South Africans Living/Wanting to Live in New Zealand – Official Group
  • Safri-Kiwi Business and Professional Network
  • South Africans Living In The UK

With all of these groups offering hope, support and guidance, many people have been able move to a new country from South Africa and feel somewhat at home. Join them and start forming new Saffa connections away from home today.

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At FinGlobal, we get it. Moving overseas is exciting, but it can also be hard. There’s every reason to reach out and look for the support and comfort of your own culture – after all, that’s what we do here at FinGlobal! To ensure that your new connections with other Saffas are the only thing you have to worry about, we offer a plethora of professional expat and emigration services, including FOREX services, tax assistance, pension payout assistance, and so on.

With ten years of experience, we feel comfortable with the industry “game” and will be your first friends in the entire emigration process. For a smooth move and the chance to truly settle into your new country with minimal qualms, get in touch with us at FinGlobal! Give us a call at +27 28 312 2764 or email us at, and we will assist you promptly.

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