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9 Weird laws from around the world

By May 12, 2021October 11th, 2023FinGlobal

9 Weird laws from around the world

May 12, 2021


Laws organize societies and ensure safe and peaceful dealings among its citizens. But all countries have rules that don’t make sense for anyone other than those who created them. While most countries don’t openly advertise or laugh about their weirdest laws, it’s interesting to see what they are in the first place. We have come across some bizarre laws over the years, and we believe that while some are funny, others will leave you quite flabbergasted. Of course, we’re dying to share them with you. After all, if you plan to live elsewhere, you might want to find out what strange laws your new country is hiding!


9 of the Weird laws around the world worthy of a chuckle

We’ve created a list of nine of our favourite dumb laws around the world. One wonders if any of these laws are enforced with a straight face! That said, each of them is rumoured to be true. Enjoy!


  • Canada loves its artists, and you better love them too!
    • Canadian radios are required to play Canadian artists for at least 35 percent of the time. If you plan a trip to The Great North, you better know the lyrics to some Justin Bieber, Nickelback, The Weekend, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and other proud Canadian artists.


  • Don’t go hiking naked in Switzerland unless you want a fine.
    • Suppose you hoped to enjoy the Swiss alps and the natural wonders of Switzerland unclothed – no one would judge you, surely? In that case, you’d be disappointed to know that it’s against the law. Yes, a few German and Swiss travellers decided it was a fantastic idea to go hiking naked a decade ago. Still, now, you can be fined more than $100 for this adventure (or should we say misadventure!)


  • Winnie the Pooh is not a good influence in Poland, seeing as he won’t wear pants!
    • If you wanted to know one of the funny laws around the world, this is it! Poland banned Winnie the Pooh from public playgrounds because the cute, cuddly bear doesn’t wear pants. As ridiculous as it sounds, this law is authentic. Some council members from Tuszyn said the problem with the bear is that it doesn’t have a complete outfit, and it’s a hermaphrodite. Could Poland consider Winnie the Pooh an R-rated cartoon?


  • Don’t bring your suit of armour to London to wear in the Parliament buildings.
    • How outrageous that the British Parliament won’t allow you to wear your suit of armour inside their building. The Brits forgot to remove this law from 1313, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be charged if you insist on wearing armour, but you better not risk it.


  • Don’t drink and ride a cow in Scotland.
    • Drunk driving isn’t a new problem. In 1872, the Scottish approved a law that prohibited people from riding cows after having a little too much whisky, and it’s in effect until today. It also includes other types of transport such as horses, carriages, and steam engines.


  • Don’t dare to die before you purchase a burial plot in this French town.
    • Sarpourenx in France has approximately 319 residents, all of which are required mandatory to own a plot in a local cemetery before they die. Mayor Gerard Lalanne explained he had to impose this ridiculous law after a court order prevented his town from expanding its cemetery. Burial plots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re planning to head there, perhaps you should put in your order now!


  • Give way to herders in South Africa.
    • This weird law is one of our very own weird South African laws – well done, South Africa! Back in the day, road accidents with herders were becoming a considerable disturbance, and so laws were created to create more order.  It’s a requirement to yield for herders accompanying donkeys, pigs, goats, ostriches, mules, or horses, especially when using farm roads.


  • You can’t kiss your significant other if you are under 16 and living in South Africa (well, you can now!)
    • The law came into effect in 2008, and many teenagers were outraged and protested. No one under 16 was allowed to smooch or show public displays of affection—the horror (for the teens, that is). However, according to the Sexual Offences Act, it was a crime for teens to engage in this behaviour. The law was removed due to being unconstitutional in 2015 – much to the delight of thousands of teens!


  • The Chinese government must grant permission to a Buddhist to reincarnate (you’ve been warned!)
    • As far as weird laws around the world go, this one should be on the very top of the list! Chinese atheist authorities banned Buddhist monks from Tibet from reincarnating without prior approval. According to the Foreign Policy, the Chinese government wants to stop the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual and political leader living in exile in India, from coming back after his passing. Joke’s on them because the Dalai Lama has said that he will not reincarnate in any place under China’s control. But if you are a Buddhist in China, don’t forget to obtain your permission to reincarnate before you die.


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