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American Bars Welcome You – True Bar Hospitality

By May 13, 2020April 9th, 2021FinGlobal

American Bars Welcome You – True Bar Hospitality

May 13, 2020


If you find yourself living and working in the United States, you are in for a real treat. Just like South Africans, Americans love their bars. If you like to get out and about, enjoy a ‘cold one’, and meet new people; there is a plethora of American bars for you to check out. If you are ready to get your drink on for a celebration, the game, or just to hang out with friends – you’re about to learn about a few American favourites that you need to check out.

Getting to know the country you have chosen to emigrate to is a big part of the starting-a-new-life process. Whether it is a cocktail bar, sports bar, or old historical bars that tickle your fancy, America has all of these to offer you. Let’s check out the coolest spots to hang out…

The Oldest Bar in America

If history is your thing, and you are sussing out the oldest bars in America, the 17th Century White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island will be of particular interest to you. This particular bar was founded in 1673 and still serves up delicious eats and ice cold ales to this day. The bar itself is rather a stately looking building and during the snowy winter months, its allure is undeniable for weary travellers and hungry/thirsty locals alike. The tavern today has colonial dining rooms, still oozing with historical charm and with nearly 350 years of serving ales and food, this remains a top choice for both locals and tourists to the area.

Other old bars in America that are well worth a gander include the following:

  • Brittinghams in Pennsylvania (founded in 1743)
  • New Boston Inn in Massachusetts (founded in 1737)
  • City Tavern in Philadelphia (founded in 1773)
  • Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans (founded in 1775)
  • Pete’s Tavern in New York City (founded in 1864)
  • Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington D.C. (founded in 1856)


Best Sports Bars in America

If a sports atmosphere is more your thing, perhaps a gold old American sports bar is what you need. America is a country that believes in grand sporting celebrations. Whether it’s the Stanley Cup finals, March Madness or college sport on the go – there’s a sports bar in America just waiting to host you. Below are some of America’s most renowned sports bars. If you have the time to check them all out, you should!

  • Chickie’s & Pete’s in Philadelphia, is top of our list of sports bars to visit in America. ESPN called this very bar the “Best Place to Watch a Game – the #1 Sports Bar in America” and many people agree! The bar is known for its crab fries, cheese steaks, and speciality brews. Of course, if you head to this sports bar, be prepared to meet a buzzing local crowd.
  • Bourbon Pub in California is located at Levi Stadium and is therefore a firm favourite. The meals served are “game-friendly” and the beers are always cold! Unfortunately, it is only open to stadium members, so you might need to become a member, or known one of the members to get in.
  • Katy Trail Ice House in Texas is a firm favourite for those who like a cold beer and some time spent around the barbecue. The bar is known for its unique “Austin vibe” and boasts a massive beer garden and restaurant. Those who watch sports here do so outside on the patio and at communal tables. Inside, there is a 50-foot bar that serves salads, burgers, tacos, and venison.

Of course, there are many more sports bars in America to choose from – these are just known as local firm favourites.

Best Cocktail Bars in America

Cocktail bars in America are somewhat of an institution. They’ve been around for a long time as the cocktail market has changed over the years. Whether you are looking for a traditional cocktail or a craft cocktail, you are bound to find a place (or 10) that will serve you up precisely what you’re after. A list of the best cocktail bars in America is surely exhaustive, but here are the top 3 for you to consider:

  • Leyenda in Brooklyn, New York is a festive bar known for its combination of Latin cocktails. This one is a women-owned bar. In fact, it is owned by Julie Reiner who is known for opening 3 of America’s most influential cocktail bars, including Flatiron Lounge, Clover Club, and Pegu Club.
  • Best Intentions in Chicago, Illinois is a bar that’s known as the place of good times. The list of cocktails available here is extra-special and include things like “Death’s Door Wondermint” and “AB Negative”. Just be careful though, with a list of extra-special cocktails comes a list of exceptionally high prices.
  • Mr. Coco in Las Vegas, Nevada is a cocktail bar that appreciates old fashioned cocktail traditions. That means Mr. Coco is one of the fanciest cocktail bars around. This is definitely a cocktail bar for special occasions, or if you like to hangout in spaces that are opulent to the extreme. The bar itself has a gorgeous spacious lounge, elegant expensive cocktails and a staff complement that make you feel like the world is your oyster and you have just arrived to claim it.

You will undoubtedly notice a difference in the types of bars in America and South Africa, but the festive social sentiment seems to be the same.

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