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Horse riding safaris in Africa

By August 8, 2019April 13th, 2021FinGlobal

Horse riding safaris in Africa

August 8, 2019


If you love horse riding, wildlife and the great outdoors, then a horseback safari is bound to be just up your street (or riding track). Horseback safaris are a wonderful way to enjoy South Africa’s beauty and the beauty of Africa as a whole, including our diverse animal species, all while feeling you’re part of nature yourself.


Horse riding safari: Explore Africa


Discover the wonders of the Okavango

The Okavango Delta is world-renowned for being one of the finest wildlife destinations on the planet and Ride Botswana enables you to enjoy all its wonders from the saddle. A large portion of the Okavango wetlands are inaccessible by car, so traveling on horseback allows you to seen hidden sights that others can’t access. At the end of your day in the saddle, you’ll enjoy campfire cuisine and a comfortable sleep in your mobile camp.


Step out in the Serengeti

To enjoy all the marvels of the Serengeti head to the Serengeti National Park. If you time your visit correctly, you’ll be able to gallop along with the herds of the Great Migration as they follow the rain. The horseback safari options offered by the different reserves and camps are varied and you can enjoy anything from morning rides to multi-day adventures.


Explore South Africa’s Wild Coast

Wild Coast Horse Safaris allow you to gallop along the pristine sands of South Africa’s wild coast. Here you can feel at one with nature, watching whales and dolphins from horseback. The longest ride on offer is 40km so be prepared for some time in the saddle.


Trek across Kenya

If you are looking for an exotic adventure, then a horseback safari riding in the Borona Conservancy in Kenya’s Laikipia Platea will be perfect for you. Here you can spend seven days in the saddle, enjoying an exquisite piece of wildlife heaven with incredible views. The trip involves visiting ancient rocks sites and hyena dens as well as doing some bushwalking to closely explore the flora and fauna around you. The ride begins at Borona Lodge and you are likely to see lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe and more!


Another fantastic Kenyan horseback experience is galloping across the Masai Mara on one of Offbeat Mara’s famous horseback safaris. Offbeat offers a seven-night adventure that will take you on long gallops and bring you close to lion and giraffe in the Mara Triangle.


Make the most of Mozambique

Another wonderful sand and surf ride is an eight-day beach safari in Mozambique, which will take you on a week-long adventure along the Vilankulo coastline, along stretches of wide-open beaches. You’ll experience wonderful weather, the chance to swim in turquoise seas and pick your ride from over 40 horses rescued from Zimbabwean farms.


Follow in the footsteps of Tanzania’s elephants

To experience the spectacular beauty of the African bush, consider doing a horseback safari against the backdrop of Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro. Spend 8 nights following the majestic African elephants and sleeping out in the wilderness. During the day you will canter with herds of zebra and wildebeest as you encounter giraffe and more This riding safari is strictly for experienced riders and you will be riding in areas with big game!


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