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New Zealand humanity’s last refuge: Here’s how to get there

By March 5, 2019October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

New Zealand humanity’s last refuge: Here’s how to get there

March 5, 2019

New Zealand has established itself as a target for South Africans looking to emigrate. Excellent healthcare, a sound, developing economy and a brilliant education system make it no wonder that people want to live there. There is already a large number of South Africans who call New Zealand home, so taking the plunge to undergo the process of getting a visa doesn’t mean saying goodbye to South African people forever.

Contrary to popular belief, immigration to New Zealand is not impossible

The New Zealand government has a range of visa options available to qualifying applicants. Besides the obvious ancestral or family visa, where you or a partner qualify for New Zealand citizenship based on either you, your partner, or one of your parents being born in New Zealand, there are a few avenues people seeking residence to explore.



Those looking to invest can go two ways – the Investor 1 and Investor 2 visas. The first requires NZ $10 million over a 10-year investment period, and the second requires NZ $3 million – and you’ll need to be an experienced business person.


The Skilled Migrant Visa is open to those individuals who possess the skills and experience New Zealand requires to grow its economy. It’s worthwhile doing a preliminary check to see if you qualify; after showing you have the correct amount of points, you’ll fill out an Expression of Interest form (EOI). After you receive an invitation to apply, you’ll start the real visa process to move to New Zealand, and when the visa is granted, you’ll start your new life!


The Long Term Skills Shortage Visa is only applicable to those who have been working in New Zealand for 2 years on a work visa.


Talent Work Visas are made for those people who have skills and/or expertise that New Zealand is looking for, and if you’ve been offered employment by an accredited New Zealand employer.


All these visas offer residence to your immediate dependents. Most applications can be done online, while others require immigration forms to be sent directly to New Zealand. Make sure you know which one is right for you and your family before you apply!



Residence vs immigration in New Zealand

Most of the visas available are work visas, that are valid for 2 years. However, if you fulfil the requirements, most visas allow you to apply for a permanent residence visa, upon which you’ll gain the citizenship you seek.



Since New Zealand has an economy that creates real space for financial growth on an individual level, it’s wise to take your finances with you. While we can’t help with the visa process for getting into New Zealand, FinGlobal is an accredited international financial services provider, and we’re proudly backed by Bidvest Group. Our expertise in financial emigration, cross-border finance and international tax affairs is second to none, and we’re here to assist you in your move to making New Zealand your new home. Get in touch today!

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