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More about Carrol Boyes

By November 12, 2018October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

More about Carrol Boyes

November 12, 2018


When it comes to South African designers, Carrol Boyes is one of South Africa’s most famous artists, whose work is enjoyed around the world. Carrol Boyes is the founder, creator and CEO of the famous Carrol Boyes brand, which has become synonymous with upmarket table and homeware items. Her designs are distinctive and unique and have helped grow the reputation of South African design in over 30 countries around the world, where her products are available.

Carrol Boyes South Africa: fuelled by passion

Carrol Boyes started her working life as an English teacher, until the age of 35 when she decided to follow her dream and become an artist, working from her seaside home in Cape Town. Her passionate desire was to create products that were both functional and unique. Carrol Boyes has a special talent for taking simple items like spoons, forks and ordinary household items and transforming them into items of beauty. The result is a range of gorgeous homeware and table accessories.

Carrol Boyes collaborates with The Joinery

Carrol Boyes has ‘joined’ up with a local sustainable design brand – The Joinery – to design a range of eco-friendly felt tote bags made from recycled plastic bottles, which would normally have ended up in landfills. This partnership represents Carrol Boyes passion for introducing proactive change through design as well as supporting initiatives like The Joinery, who are committed to preventing further damage to the environment.

According to Plastics SA, in 2017, 1.144 million tonnes of recyclable plastic was dumped in landfills. The Carrol Boyes and The Joinery collaboration helps make a dent in this waste, as a total of 7000 bottles were used to create the 1000 totes and 1000 pouch bags. By lending her name and her signature designs to this initiative, Carrol Boyes is helping to highlight the plastic pollution issue in South Africa as well as supporting innovation in the textile economy by turning potential waste into beautiful “must haves”.

The growing Carrol Boyes collection

The Carrol Boyes collection started with her tableware and cutlery collection, but today her collection has grown to include a wide range of other products. Her Dining and Entertaining collection includes everything from cake stands to tea infusers, while her Office Collection includes desktop organisers and stationery – who says you can’t be stylish at work! There is also an extensive range of Carrol Boyes jewellery, so you can continue to enjoy her designs when you are out and about. If you are planning a trip abroad, what could be more stylish than a Carrol Boyes passport holder?

There is even a Carrol Boyes wine range, featuring Carrol Boyes’s signature artworks on bottle labels of premier wine. The makers of the Carrol Boyes wine collection have a very careful selection process for their wines. Expert winemakers taste, select and identify wines, ensuring that only the very best of South African wines feature in this beautiful collection. The best part of the collection – once you have savoured the wonderful wine you have a beautiful bottle featuring an iconic Carrol Boyes design that you can use as a vase or just as an ornament to enjoy.

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