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FinGlobal. Your one-stop partner to emigration success

By October 9, 2017November 27th, 2023FinGlobal

FinGlobal. Your one-stop partner to emigration success

October 9, 2017


Emigrating is a stressful process and having to deal with different companies to handle your finances, your recruitment and the fundamental basic logistics of your relocation makes the process even more challenging. To help streamline the process FinGlobal has broadened their product offering and partnered with leading specialists to provide a one-stop emigration solution that takes care of everything.

Open international bank accounts with ease

FinGlobal has banking solutions designed to make your financial emigration from South Africa both convenient and easy. Transfer of funds to and from these accounts are always done by our expert team of Forex managers at the most competitive rates:

  • An Instant Access Deposit Account: This is an account designed for easy offshore fund transfer from South Africa – and an account, which can accept funds from any other source. Quick and easy to set up and open, it allows you to seamlessly transfer your South African funds from your personal exchange control allowance abroad.
  • A Non-Resident Account: This account is designed for financially emigrated South Africans or non-residents living abroad. It is exchange control compliant and allows you to freely transfer funds to and from South Africa.
  • Australia and New Zealand bank accounts: If you’re moving to Australia or New Zealand, we can assist by opening up a new account at your nearest bank in your new home town, even before you leave South Africa. Once you’re ready to receive your funds, we will arrange for their transfer at the most competitive rates, either before or after your departure, the choice is yours.
  • Offshore bank accounts: FinGlobal provides the opportunity to open and hold accounts in the Isle of Man, one of the most respected and regulated offshore financial jurisdictions. With this account, you are free to hold funds in a range of currencies, offering you the agility to take advantage of unique investment opportunities.

Managing your South African investments, once you have left

Once you’ve left South Africa there will be thousands of kilometres between you and your investment policies. FinGlobal’s personal financial planning service ensures your South African investments receive the attention they deserve – so you enjoy the best returns on investments.

What’s more, you be working with real people who have the financial insight and experience to assess financial investments and assets from a South African’s perspective.

Working with FinGlobal provides you with many benefits including:

  • A qualified, on-the-ground team to watch over your investments
  • If you decide to financially emigrate, FinGlobal offers a safe, simple and secure solution

SA’s leading emigration solution

With thousands of clients in over 105 countries, FinGlobal is regarded as the ‘go to’ company when it comes to helping South African Expats unlock their wealth and achieve financial freedom abroad. Our partnership with VisaConnect helps to seamlessly take care of all the other aspects of your emigration – leaving you completely prepared to enjoy your new adventure.

For more information about FinGlobal’s one-stop emigration services, contact us today.

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